You have got a ticket in your hand- Where will you go? What will you do? What will happen when you get there?

I have always had a low obsession for the city of San Francisco since I was about 12 or 13. Being a great fan of the Movie Series, Terminator, I always admired the city within which the movie was based.  The movie created a beautiful depiction of the scenic beauties, the diverse communities and the amazing infrastructure in their bridges and cable cars. Therefore, my ticket will first lead me to this “Everybody’s favourite town.” Upon landing, I hope to take a drive, ride a bike and take a cable car traversing through the city streets from the Italian flavoured north beach, Japan Town, Fisherman’s Wharf and Mission District before finishing up in the Union Square with some shopping. I will also walk over the Golden Gate Bridge and dine at Al’s place. The view of the Pacific Ocean on all sides and the San Francisco Bay would the crowning of the journey. It will also be heart-warming to experience the unpredictable climate of the town and visit Alcatraz Island.

After this, I would take the Highway 1 down to Los Angeles not wanting to miss out on the fun stopovers and the scenes on the way. I would stop over at San Jose and see the so-called centre of the technology, Silicon Valley and swing by the Winchester Mystery house. The next stop will be the Santa Cruz town to explore its Beach Boardwalk and explore the beach lighthouse. I would then stop at then go to the Monterey Bay to have the evening drink along the Carmel-by-the-sea and if I have time, participate in Whale watching. The journey is important than the destination, Therefore I will also make stopovers in Big Sur via the Bixby Bridge.  In this town, I hope to check out the McWay falls, Pfeiffer bridge and the ragged point. Satisfied that I had navigated Big Sur completely, I would then head straight to the Hearst Castle on the enchanted hill in San Simeon. Before hitting the craziness of Los Angeles, I would finally stopover at Santa Barbara. I will use the opportunity to hug the coastline, have a meal facing the pacific and stroll along the beach.

While Los Angeles would be an idea for me to experience its nightlife, popular sites and scenes, the crowning of it all would watch the Los Angeles Lakers Games. I am a big fan of Basketball and an ardent supporter of the L. A. Lakers. I have loved playing basketball since I was a child, but this love was coupled with that of watching the same game. To keep at per with the information of the NBA, I have watched all the NBA games since the start of the 21st century. It will be therefore an indelible experience to see the matches live.  In L. A. therefore, I would love to watch their games, experience the energy, cheer with every point gained, and shout out to any offence. I was also a great fan of Koby Bryant before his sudden demise in an accident earlier this year. Therefore, I would relish an opportunity to view some of his monuments, galleries and experience where he used to play.