Huemers article

In Huemers article, he argues than an individual has the right to use drugs as  drug use is not harmful (Smythe, 2016). The harm caused by drugs are also not the kind of things that we should punish people for. He further argues that drugs are harmful only to users and not others, and that there are some instances when drug use is beneficial. He invokes the principle that people have the right to do what they please with their bodies as long as they do not violet the rights of others. If an individual is not truly acting freely in acting to use drugs, then they are not exercising their rights.

Huemer’s argument refutes the war on drugs. The author generally negates the effects that drug has on both the user and the society at large and uses it as a basic argument against the war on drugs on his paper. However, over the years, research has proved the devastating effects that different drugs have on the user and the society. Some being extreme enough to cause death of the users and other members of the society (Smythe, 2016). His arguments of overlooking the harms of drugs and going ahead to legalize them is detrimental to the fight against drug abuse.

Bright is of the thought that the concept of murdering murderers, raping rapist and torturing torturers is harmful to the societies morals because it goes against all the societies values and what it stands for. Therefore, doing this will be equivalent to breaking the societies moral cords and values which is very harmful to a society. The moral cords are a fundamental aspect of a society as they provide directions on how to act and the basic rights ad wrongs and should therefore be upheld and respected.

The use of death penalty undermines the standing and the moral authority of the United States because it goes against the human rights cords that the United States subscribes to. Bright argues that the death penalty goes against the right to life which is a fundamental human right that should be respected and upheld. The United States being a democratic country that respects and upholds the rights of its citizens, should therefore be against the death penalty as it is in contrary to human rights. Furthermore, the death penalty goes against the moral integrity of the society, hence capital punishment is seen my many as immoral. I agree with the sentiments of Bright, as I believe nations and individuals should resect human rights and most of all the right to life.

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Pakistan are among the nations that are leading in the number of executions in the world. The statistics of china executions are in thousands which is the highest number in the world (Dhiraj, 2016). The graph of number of people executed in the United states has been going down from 2000 to date. In 2000 a total of eighty-five people was executed in comparison to 2019 where three people were executed (“U.S. capital punishment – executions per year 2019). A large number of individuals given the death sentence are involved in crimes of murder.

There is no correlation between the use of

the death sentence and a reduction of murders in the United States region. This may be evidence that the death sentence does not serve to reduce the number of capital crimes in an area. There have been few number individuals involved in crimes of genocide who have received the death penalty. In recent years however the number of executions in the United States have significantly reduced.











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