Eating meat is immoral

Obtaining animal meat is a product of causing animal suffering which is immoral. The pain that animals endure is close to or even just as real as that felt by humans. We should feel compassion for animals the same way we would for a human being.

Singer argues that it is possible to survive and live a healthy life without eating meat. It is best for one to choose that option and avoid causing unnecessary harm and suffering to animals. Non -human animals also feel and should be treated according to utilitarian ethics. The reasons for killing animals or hurting them are similar than reasons for not hurting or killing humans. Humans unlike other animals are conscious of their behavior and have a choice, and should therefore choose not to cause animal suffering.


Singer finds that animals merits equal rights because like humans, there should be equal considerations of interests which embraces all animals with the differences that exists in them. These considerations should be used as a basis of relations for our species and in relating with other species too (Rachels, & Rachels,2015). Norcross argue that what Fred does to puppies is the same as what we do to eat meat. In both cases, animals are tortured so that to enjoy an animal product. He adds that it doesn’t matter if you do the torturing individually or hire someone lese to do it for you. In the case of Fred, he does the tutoring of the puppies himself while most of the meat-eating population have the same done to animals by either meat factories or other people.


Norcross dismisses the argument that one should not be obliged to stop eating meat as it will not reduce the number of animals being killed. He says that it can make a difference in the long run as people refraining from purchasing the meat will affect the industry. It may take time but eventually with the number of people refraining from eating meat increases the demand will reduce reducing total number of animals being killed. I agree with him because slowly but surely with the increase of number of people a number will be reached that will affect the industry and it will translate to reduced number of animals killed for meat.
















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