Charged Reaction Paper

Charged Reaction Paper:  Bazelon, E. (2019). Charged: The New Movement to Transform American Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration, New York, NY: Penguin Random Hous

For the second reaction paper you will have to summarize and expand upon the second book we read in class, Charged. Structured as an essay in APA format, the purpose of this reaction paper is to connect important components of the book to ideas and concepts learned up to this point in your education. As such, please respond to the following points using relevant information from the book and at least 4 outside peer reviewed articles

1. Provide an overview of the book. Briefly describe the progression from start to finish.

Who are the major figures and how do they connect to the story?

What are the major concepts described and why are they important? Any other information you feel is relevant to setup or frame the book should be included in this section.

2. What does Charged refer to exactly and in what ways does the author highlight this throughout the book. As part of this discussion please outline both positive (if any) and negative factors that have contributed to safer streets.

3. How is the criminal justice system framed throughout the book? Underscore relevant strengths and weaknesses showcased in the book about the criminal justice system. In addition, describe how the author proposes we address the weaknesses.

4. Lastly, reflecting on your own education, describe new takeaways from the book as well as why this knowledge is valuable for you moving forward.

Each of the above sections of the paper is worth 8 points for a total of 32 points. Each outside source used is worth 2 points for a total of 8 points. Each page written is worth a point (5 full pages of content required) for a total of 5 points. Papers less than 2 full page of content will receive no points here. Organization and Structure 10 points. The readability of the paper, which includes how well sentences and paragraphs flow into each other (i.e. how easy the paper is to read and follow) is worth 4 points. The appropriate use of APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, 1-inch margins) is worth 4 points. The use of indented paragraphs throughout is worth 2 points. click here to place your order

Attracting and Retaining Talent in Healthcare Sector

Attracting and Retaining Talent in Healthcare Sector


In current time, almost every industry is facing challenges in attracting and retaining employees for various job roles. Employee attraction and retention is the critical element of the general approach to the talent management of the organization. Attracting and retaining motivated and positive staff is important for the success of an organization in every industry. In the organizations, high employee turnover rates enhance expenses and have negative impact on the morale of the organizations. It is important for the organizations to implement effective employee retention program in order to make the employees productive and committed towards organizational goals. Attraction and retention strategies are important o manage employee turnover and attract quality employees in the organizations. Benefits, competitive pay, employee assistance program and employee recognition are the examples of employee retention programs. When an employee leaves the organization, it takes proper time to attract and recruit a new employee and till then, productivity of the organization suffers. So, the retention should begin with the recruitment process also (Lutans, 2011).

According to Bureau of Labor Statistic Report, there are various job openings in the healthcare sector but with the more opportunities, employees have more ways to switch the jobs. In the hospitals, the turnover rates are increasing. This means, there is the need of effective retention strategies in the healthcare organizations. According to Porkodi and Haque (2012), human resource is an effective way for the hospitals that can provide competitive advantage to the organizations. In order to attract and retain the valuable workforce in the healthcare organizations, managers must adopt various strategies like incentives, compensations and various motivational strategies (Ongori, 2007). This essay focuses on the challenges faced by healthcare sector while attracting and retaining talent for various job roles. Along with this, use of human resource strategies is also elaborated in the essay.

Attracting talent:
This is one of the most important tasks for the organizations to hire and attract various candidates for suitable job roles in the healthcare sector. In order to recruit skilled and adequate employees, it is important for the healthcare organizations to attract them by various activities. This includes giving advertisements to various platforms and resolving queries of candidates regarding the work and job role. In order to fulfill this objective, organization need to post various advertisements related to vacant positions on various job portals. Currently, healthcare organizations are developing brand websites in order to attract the talent so that they can register on them with their qualifications and skills. In order to provide effective healthcare services to the patients, it is crucial for the healthcare organizations to select the candidates having proper knowledge and effective skills of healthcare sector (Cocca, 2015).

Retaining workforce
For the success of the organizations, it is crucial to retain the employees within the organizations. It is a vital task for the managers to make the employees stay in the organizations for the long period of time. For this, organizations focus on various practices, policies and other methods so that employees’ issues can be addressed and they can be retained effectively. Currently, high level of attrition rate is a big challenge for the organizations as employees switch to other jobs whenever they get more opportunities in their career. So, retention is an important task for the organizations to make employees committed for the job roles. In order to retain the employees, various methods and measures are required to be used within the organization (Staffing Industry Analyst, 2018).

Challenges in attracting talent
In the healthcare sector, it can be seen that there is the shortage of workforce. There are various challenges faced by the organizations while attracting right candidates for the vacant job positions. It is not easy for the healthcare organizations to attract the talent from various sources. There are various positions in the healthcare sector, for instance, skilled nurses and highly qualified doctors and physicians having specific knowledge and abilities. Along with this, the industry is not so much competitive for filling the workforce. There are number of unqualified candidates that do not fit in the job roles of healthcare organizations. So, attracting suitable candidates for the organizations is a challenge now (Martic, 2017). In the healthcare organizations, key challenges in attracting the candidates are as follows:

Lack of adequate knowledge – In the healthcare industry, managers have to face challenges in attracting employees due lack of proper knowledge. There is always need of proper knowledge about patient care, medicines, and healthcare equipments. Managers have to deal with the challenges related to finding people having all these knowledge. There is high shortage of professional, skilled and qualified employees and it results of a big challenge for managers in attracting potential candidates for daily operations in the healthcare organizations (Kramers, 2018). To get assistance on this or any other essay, click this link.