It you identified the need for the patient to have both the lateral and oblique view x-ray so as to fully assess the fracture. These x-rays are important in making the required diagnosis which will follow the appropriate treatment of the patient. On-the less, your diagnosis of fracture of the fibula near the lateral malleolus is correct. You also identify the need to examine the neurovascular status and muscle function which in this case are very key before the commencement of any treatment. I like that you advocated for a repeat x-ray of the patient in 10-14 days (Lin, 2015). . This repeat x-ray will help know if the treatment is working for the patient. However, I feel that you should have elaborated further on the treatment procedure of the patient. Otherwise, you provided very good education for the patent and the discharge instructions.


Lin, Y. (2015). An Investigation of the Treatment Effectiveness and Compliance of Unloader One? knee Brace for Patients with Medial Compartmental Knee Osteoarthritis (Doctoral dissertation, Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University).

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