Social Issue in the News: Racial Profiling

What were the news articles about? Compare and contrast the local, national, and global
perspectives on your social issue.

All three articles speak about a case of Salehe Bembury (Versace Vice President) who was racially profiled while in Beverly Hills by the police. The police asked him to sit on the fence and to produce any weapon he had while they pat him down.

The first News Report Channel is CNN (global News Chanel) used information from the interview with both Salehe and the police department. They also referenced the evidence from the body camera video released by the police department. It goes further to release information on the follow-up activities after the incident and even an interview with close friends of Salehe. All the statement was directly quoted as they represent real statements given to the station.

The second media channel is the Daily Mail (national Chanel) makes a report of the incident. They refer and narrate to an Instagram post made by Salehe of the body cam images taken during the profiling. They also report on the statements given by the Beverly police department.

The third media news channel is from The ROOT (Local News Channel). The report takes a narrative form of a person in the first person.  The person takes stands by claiming that profiling happens to black people and call out the police for it. They cite the report provided by CNN on the same matter. Further, they cite tweets from other people about the matter. The report goes ahead to state that the same wouldn’t have happened if the person was white.

What is the bias and reliability of each news source according to the Media Bias Chart? Do you
agree? If the news source is not examined in the Media Bias Chart, what do you think its bias and reliability is? How does this bias and reliability affect the news coverage of your social issue?

CNN –  Reliability – Has Reliability Mode of 52 and a Bias of -3

New York Times – Reliability concentrated at 30 and Bias at -5

The Root is not within the Media Bias Chart

I agree with the charts.

CNN uses real material evidence from statements by the police and the police department. In both cases, they provide direct speech of the individuals. They also use the body cam image and the Instagram posts that carried the primary sources of information. Based on these two, the news is credible. There is also no bias towards either Salehe or the police making almost neutral in bias.

The Daily Mail provides the information without much bias but the evidence is not conclusively supported. They provide the body cam videos and Instagram posts by Salehe as their main source of Evidence. There are however no reports from Salehe or the police.

The ROOT is not within the Media chart. It is a local channel. It uses a CNN report on the same as a reference and only the Instagram and tweets. It is heavily biased as the statements seem to be pegged towards the blacks. It speaks ill of the police and it shows that it twists facts to make them look bad. With this, I believe that I cannot provide valuable information or facts.


Are one or more logical fallacies being made in the news articles? If so, how are they being made, and how do these fallacies affect the reporting of your social issue.

The Rot claims that when police stop a black person, they always go-ahead to search for weapons or drugs This is a fallacy and does not provide the truth about the situation with the police. It also goes ahead to claim that if Saleh was white, that wouldn’t have happened. While Racial profiling may be at play here. The writer, therefore, uses fallacies to support their bias against the police.





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