Risk Assessment & Creating a Case Plan



Your After you submitted your sentencing recommendations to the court, the judge in this case has determined to sentence Jamie Jackson to 18 months in jail. However, because the defendant pleaded guilty to the charges, the judge has suspended that sentence and placed her on two years probation.

Using the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORA-S) pictured in the text chapter 5 figure 5.1 to conduct a risk assessment of your client, Jamie Jackman. The score on this risk assessment will indicate her level of risk. Remember that risk level refers to the risk of recidivism and not to “dangerousness.” With the information you have from the ORAS and the recommendations/goals of probation/parole from the previous assignment, create a case plan for the offender. Use the Case Plan Template located in Files: Student View: Unit Assignments. Include the following in your Case Plan:

Problem Statement: Determine the most important issues the offender needs to address. Choose three or four areas. Create a problem statement for each issue, stating the problem clearly and explaining why it is a problem the offender needs to resolve.

Long Range Goal: After each problem statement, develop one long range goal that the offender will need to achieve.

Probationer Action Item to Meet Goal: Develop two to three step-by-step instructions (like a roadmap) for the probationer to achieve to reach each long-term goal. Include dates or deadlines by which the client needs to complete each item.

Officer Action Item to Meet Goal: Think of at least one thing you, as a PO, will need to do to help the client achieve his or her long-term goal for each of the problem areas.


Your recommendations must be supported. Write a one-page paper supporting your decisions. You will be graded on how well you are able to support your recommendation with information from the text, the options available for sentencing, and two outside sources. Those outside sources need to be selected from peer reviewed research articles from the online library, any of the additional sources I provide each week via the course schedule or in discussion, government agency documents, or other academic texts. Do not use online encyclopedias, dictionaries, or information from Wikipedia or you will lose points. This assignment should be submitted as one document. The recommendation section should be written using APA format, and you must include a list of the references used as well as in-text citations to support your sentencing recommendation.

assignment will be graded according to the following rubric.

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