Pharmacy Sponsorship Application

What inspired you to pursue a degree in your current field of study and how do you plan to use your studies to achieve your future career goals?

I have two passions, people and medicine. These passions have defined all my activities and ambitions in life up until now. I love talking to people, making new friends and acquaintances, and listening to people’s problems. These qualities have led me to participate in much community service and suffice in a job where I had to interact with people. My passion for medicine has been an endless journey, one with several detours but one that I have enjoyed every step of the way.

I arrived in the USA when I was 13 years old and while this was the best thing that had ever happened to me, at the point it didn’t seem like it. English was neither my native nor my second language and therefore language barrier was the first major hurdle I had to struggle with within my new residence. The school was difficult because I had to acquaint myself with the new instruction language. I also came to head-on with the harsh reality that I would find it difficult to make friendships and settle in with the new environment. I was however brave enough to observe, learn, and practice and soon enough I was proficient in the language and went on to pursue my passion for people through interactions.

My quest to become a pharmacist started when I took health sciences classes in 9th grade. At this moment, I had already carried out a thorough soul searching and decided that pharmacy was the course that suited me well. It was, therefore, a mind-blowing experience for me taking the health science classes especially in the second year where we participated in clinical rotation to shadow physicians and get the feel of the careers we aspired. At one point, I was fascinated when I was able to bring back to life and “almost dead man” through the administration of CPR. My last rotation was in the pharmacy where I was privileged to have lengthy conversations with the pharmacist who was very welcoming and inspirational. The conversations served as the confirmations that I had selected the right course.

I was later privileged to take the Pharmacy technician course in 12th grade after waiting for a whole year to be accepted to the program. In this role, I enjoyed working with pharmacists daily and see how the role made an impact on people’s lives. I witnessed pharmacists save a patient from a bad allergic reaction and this made me want to serve in that capacity in the future.  After the course, I was unable to do the pharmacy test because I was 16 and below the age requirements. I took a prerequisite for a major in biology at junior college in hope of coming back to take the test. This dream was actualized two years later and I am currently living my dream in pharmacy school.

My inspiration for pharmacy is my endearing desire to treat infections and diseases through the understanding of the entire being. It will also place me on the frontline of the healthcare industry where I will interact with patients directly and understand the public health challenges within the community. My experience working as a pharmacy technician has proved that the role is fulfilling and it is one that I seek to pursue after completing school.

After completion of the school, I hope to start in an entry-level position as a clinical or community pharmacist. It will be an opportunity for me to interact with the job and the community and get the necessary experience to advance in my education and roles. Eventually, I hope to rise into pharmacoeconomics and deal with a wider population, study their public health, and provide an advisory role in public health policies.

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