Lady Philosophy`s Diagnosis on the Prisoner

Lady Philosophy`s Diagnosis on the Prisoner

The Boethius Consolation Philosophy begins with muses of poetry from Boethius regarding his woes before and after he was imprisoned. Thereafter, Boethius is visited by Lady Philosophy who diagnosis him by enlightening Boethius about his erratic ways and shows him the cure of his adversaries. Therefore, this paper explores the truth in Lady Philosophy`s diagnosis of the prisoner.

I believe it is true that the real source of Boethius unhappiness is his perception about true happiness and beliefs in life rather than the actual misfortunes that happened to him as indicated by Lady Philosophy. To illustrate, the prisoner complained about the reversal of his fortunes that stripped him off his comforts, status and power in the society. This indicates that the prisoner thought that his earlier life was more precious to him and that’s why he was extremely devastated by his loss.  In addition, Boethius believed that he was a victim of the world`s injustice since he thought that he was supposed to be rewarded by his virtue rather than being punished and persecuted by evil people in the world. Moreover, Boethius was indifferent towards God since he believed that God had abandoned him due to His failure to intervene in the prisoner`s situation yet God has all the power and authority.

However, after having a dialogue with Lady Philosophy, she diagnosed that Boethius main problem was based on his beliefs and perceptions about critical life aspects. In particular, Lady Philosophy told the prisoner that he was suffering since due to inaccuracies in his beliefs since a person`s beliefs dictate his perception about what should or what should not happen to him thereby contributing to a person`s misery. Nevertheless, Lady Philosophy believed that the cure of the prisoner`s misery was to gain an insightful understanding regarding the world`s governance. This indicates that Lady Philosophy believed that by changing his perception and beliefs, the prisoner would understand that God governs the human world by providence and by virtue of an implanted human nature which rewards or punishes in respect with the human goal. Having reviewed Lady Philosophy`s diagnosis of the prisoner, I believe its true that the real cause of unhappiness arise out of an individual`s perceptions and beliefs rather than what actually what happens to a person.

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