It is to be written for a non-professional.  Write for an intelligent reader who knows next to nothing about Boethius and who does not have a technical philosophical vocabulary.  (Any technical terms or words used in specialized ways should be defined in ordinary English.)  Imagine that you are writing this for your mother, on her death-bed; she wants to know if you?re learning anything valuable in college philosophy and whether philosophy has anything useful for you to know about the fairness of the world or happiness or consolation in the face of bad fortune.  She needs this knowledge in order to die in peace and is depending on you.  She also has limited energy and can?t read more than eight pages so you must be concise.

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Answer the following in the essay;;;

  1. -Does Lady Philosophy adequately defend her claim that God rules the human realm in such a way that the good are rewarded and the wicked are punished?


**Sources not requiered** Please use attachments to help with paper.

Grading Criteria:

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