African American History to 1865

Discuss the different forums of resistance to slavery. Be sure to start as early as the roots in Africa and the Middle Passage.

How did resistance change once African Americans came to this country? Be sure to discuss several forms of resistance. Did African Americans find assistance in any groups?

    • Use the textbook and additional materials. You need to use two sources in addition to class materials.
    • Use academic search engines provided by the University library.
    • Paper length 2 to 3 pages. This does NOT include title page or reference page.
    • Must use Chicago style formatting

The text book in relations to this class are; Hopefully you may have access to either or to help out.

Hine, D. C., Hine, W. C., and Harrold, S. C. African Americans: A Concise History, Combined Volume (5th Edition), Upper Saddle River, Pearson, 2013.


Hine, D. C., Hine, W. C., and Harrold, S. C. African Americans: A Concise History, Combined Volume (7th Edition), Upper Saddle River, Pearson.


Please DO NOT include a title page. The third page may be used for some additional text but must have the TWO sources cited at the end.

ASSIGNMENTS Secondary analysis (two papers @ 20% each, for 40%): For this assignment, you will prepare short papers on the readings assigned for class. I will discuss what I’m looking for early on in the semester. WPA Slave narrative project (20%): In this project, we will explore the voluminous collection of slave narratives gathered in the 1930s. You will pick a topic and mine the narratives to write about it. Weekly posts (10%): Each week, send an email to the entire class ( that reflects on what we’ve discussed in class. You may take issue with an argument made in class, comment on a reading, or anything else that substantively reflects on your coursework. Generally speaking, a post should be at least 100 words. I will award you one point for each substantive post per week, up to a total of ten points. Attendance and participation (10%): Your thoughtful participation in both lecture and discussion is a significant part of your course work. Please make sure that you have read the assigned readings before each class and are prepared to discuss them. While I know it is sometimes difficult or frightening to participate in class discussions, it is also necessary. Please keep your comments relevant, and consider others when speaking. Final (20%): Take-home essay exam. This will be due at the end of the period scheduled for our final exam (though you may submit it before that). It will be handed out on the last day of class, and cover the entire period the course covers.

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