Quantitative Finance II (DFA 2033Y)

Continuous Assessment

Module: Quantitative Finance II (DFA 2033Y)



Answer ALL parts of the assignment and adhere to the page limits given for the specific questions.

Use font Times New Roman size 12 and line spacing 1.15.

Submission should be done on turnitin; this will enable to check for plagiarism

Date for Submission is on 18th of May 2020.


Part I  [55 marks]

Topic: Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM)

Study Question: How have macroeconomic variables and the Covid-19 pandemic been affecting the performance of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius?

  • Explain in details how you would be proceeding if you had to undertake the above study. [20 marks/max 2 pages]


  • What type of data is being used for this study? [5 marks]


  • Using a sample of data over a period of one year, explain how macroeconomic variables (use at least two variables) have affected the performance of the SEM. [20 marks/ max 4 pages]


  • Using the same sample of data over a period of one year, explain how the Covid-19 virus, which was discovered in January, could have affected the performance of the SEM. Include the macroeconomic variables used in part (iii) as control variables. [10 marks/ max 3 pages]




  • Use SEMDEX as performance measure
  • Use most recent data available
  • Use excel and/ or Eviews to answer parts (iii)/ (iv) of the above question

Data Source: https://www.muastockbroking.mu/


Include the result tables generated by the software when performing the regression.

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Part II [45 marks]

Topic: Stock Markets

Study Question: How have macroeconomic variables and the Covid-19 pandemic affected the performance of global stock market/s?

Identify a group of three stock markets (including the SEM) which you want to include in the study.

  • What type of data is being used for this study? [5 Marks]


  • Explain the assumptions which must be verified before undertaking a regression analysis? [5 marks]


  • Using a sample of data over a period of one year, explain how macroeconomic variables (use two variables) and the Covid-19 virus (discovered in January) have affected the performance of the stock markets. [35 marks/ max 4 pages]

Data Source for global markets: https://finance.yahoo.com/world-indices?.tsrc=fin-srch


Marketing Project- The Lucid Dreaming Mask

Executive Summary

Dreams are one of the most universal and inspiring aspects of the human experience, and yet we spend little time discussing their impact on our daily lives. Modern research has confirmed that dreams can lead to better moods, reduced stress, enhanced problem solving skills, and increased creativity. Yet somehow dreaming is still treated as an afterthought when discussing our overall well-being. We have come up with a solution to problems arising due to sleep deprivation such as migraines, tension headaches, or sinus problems. Lucid Dreaming Sleeping Masks is created to reintroduce people to the benefits of dreaming. Although there is a tough competition in the market, the cost effective method along with technological advancement will help our product to create a distant position in the minds and hearts of consumers. Technology, however, is it the biggest opportunity as well as threat for our product.


Mission Statement

As our mission statement states, “Towards a better sleeping state”, Lucid dreaming sleeping masks are designed to make sleep convenient, relaxing and an immersive experience by making lucid dreaming possible

Vision Statement

Our vision is to remain committed to our mission statement and provide high quality product with distinctive features not previously available in market.

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Company’s Objective

The objective of our business is to expand our customer base by attracting customers who previously never felt the need of sleeping masks, but because of the innovative lucid dreaming feature they are bound to get their hands on to. We care for our customers’ comfort and health, therefore, we designed lucid dreaming sleeping masks with exceptional love and care. We kept in mind the medical history (migraine, sinus, skin problems, etc) of our loyal customers to avoid any inconvenience.

Target Market

With the increase in the pace of life, wearable technology is invading the dream-world. Our product, the lucid dreaming mask, is a relatively cheaper sleeping aid designed for people who have trouble falling asleep, or those who have trouble staying asleep. It is for people who have fast-paced lives in which they have to incorporate healthy sleeping habits and patterns for a healthier and more productive lifestyle. It is also targeted at people who experience migraines, tension headaches, or sinus problems and want to deal with them without regular medication by improving their sleeping pattern through the unique ‘sleep restoration’ feature of our lucid dreaming mask.

For now, we will survey multiple cities and will evaluate the results. In the evaluation, we will see where the customers are facing sleep issues. The areas highlighted by the survey will help us to locate these areas and then we will target these areas “specifically”.

Market description

Talking about the market description, our market will be focusing on those individuals who are facing sleep deprivation issues, irrespective of age, gender, or any other demographic or psychographic element. There is a need that exists for such people who are facing issues in their sleep patterns but they could not afford such products. Our product is better in technology as well as it is cheap. So, our target market will be more than willing to buy it.


Lucid dreaming sleeping mask is a unique sleeping mask specially designed for customers who want to experience lucid dreaming but could not afford it. Or for those who face sleep problems.


It has a very simple design, yet has multiple features to make lucid dreams relaxing and convenient. Apart from its ultra-modern technology, it is designed according to the comfort of its users. The material used to make these sleeping masks is mulberry silk with foam padding near the eye area. This material is specially used to disable sunlight and other light rays to enter, creating artificial darkness, and helping the user to sleep even during the day time. Not even just blocking of light, the material used makes it a suitable option for users who experience dry skin issues. Moreover, the material makes these sleeping masks extremely lightweight (1.6 OZ), to avoid discomfort and allowing air to flow through so sweat is unlikely to irritate you while sleeping. These sleeping masks also have an adjustable buckle strap for added comfort of its users. Our product is available in all sizes with vibrant colors making it a perfect choice or customer.


The unique features our product has are sleep restoration, improved melatonin levels, and pressure relief. The material used helps these masks to achieve improved melatonin levels (a hormone that controls the circadian sleep cycle in humans), which can only be produced in darkness, enabling the user to feel drowsy and remain sleepy. Secondly, sleep restoration is attained by ensuring a sufficient amount of sleep running the REM stage of sleep, which again is due to the production of melatonin. Our sleeping masks are specially designed to minimize weight and pressure on eyes, nose, and head, to avoid discomfort. No matter how many times you roll around during your sleep, you won’t even feel you’re wearing a sleeping mask. Another distinctive feature includes recorded voice messages. Users can record any voice note which will automatically be played during their REM stage, telling the user what they want to experience or think.

Our product comes in three forms i.e. regular mask, Lucid Dreaming Mask Pro’ and the customized mask; each with their own prices. All the variants come in vibrant and gender neutral colors, such as yellow, white, brown, green, orange and black, and are free sized because of the ultra-stretchable strap therefore they are suitable for all genders, sizes, and generations.

There are two variants of our product which are offered, ‘Lucid Dreaming Mask’ and ‘Lucid Dreaming Mask Pro’. The price charged for lucid dreaming mask pro is relatively higher than the basic version. Due to the additional features it has, we will be charging a higher price for it. There will be no promotional offer on this product. As for the cheaper version, there will be a 20% discount on an additional purchase of the product. There is a non-refundable policy for both variants of the product.

In the first year of operations, we are looking towards earning revenue of .5 million and expect a growth rate of 7-10% each year onward.

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Talking about the competition we have to face in the industry, our competitors include:

  1. RemeeNeuroon 
  2. Aurora by twinks
  3. IBand+
  4. Sleep Shephard
  5. NovaDreamer
  6. LucidCatcher


Remee is to reintroduce individuals to the advantages of dreaming. Utilizing delicate, adjustable light signals, Remee expands dream review and striking quality yet opens the universe of clear dreaming.


The Neuroon mask is a discovery in sleep science that sets the best in class innovation with the normal rest cover. With worked in biometric sensors, the framework dissects your rest examples and plans custom rest and snoozing plans that adjust flawlessly to your bustling way of life-permitting you to remain engaged and beneficial for the duration of the day.


IBand+ utilizes high loyalty smaller and thin pad speakers that go underneath your cushion. The RGB LEDs on iBand+ headband and the minimized iBand+ pad speakers cooperate to successfully convey various media improvements while giving ideal client comfort.

Sleep Shephard

The Sleep Shepherd utilizes similar standards it did to take care of you, however in opposite to wake you up. After some time, it raises your cerebrum rate to the lightest phase of your rest before awakening you.


The NovaDreamer is probably the most famous of all lucid dream machines, namely because it was created by Dr. Stephen LA Berge. Infrared sensors, situated over the visionary’s eyes in an agreeable rest veil, get the quick eye developments that give REM rest its name.


LucidCatcher is a wearable gadget consolidating propelled sensor innovation discovered uniquely in rest labs to follow and break down brainwaves progressively.

Competitors and our Competitive Advantage

Talking about our competitors, although they have been successful in giving tough competition, yet due to their high price and targeting only the Sec A of the society, they have failed somewhere to catch their audience’s attention.

One of the major advantages, we have over our competitors is our reasonable prices. Cost is the only element in marketing strategy that can compete with any of your competitors. We have a product for both the low-income middle class and high-income upper-class customers. Apart from this, our pro version of the product has additional features like the use of headphones and voice recorder. This gives us an advantage over our competitors. The product we are offering is a high-quality product, Apart from its ultra-modern technology we are working best for our customer’s interest, making the product comfortable for its users.



SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the assessment of a company’s possible internal strengths, weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats. Internal strengths and weaknesses are under the control of the company, whereas opportunities and threats aren’t because they are external and cannot be influenced by the company.

As our product goes side by side with technology, the workforce must have the necessary skills to operate it. In our case, we have a motivated workforce possessed by both technical as well as creative skills required to use it. Moreover, customer service of any organization plays an important role in communicating with the customers. We have an efficient customer service which enhances our operations by maintaining standard relations with the customers. Lastly, we have made effective use of prevailing technology to develop our product so that our customers can avail as many opportunities as they want to.

The main weakness that we have been facing is the lack of skills and knowledge related to sleeping masks. As it is a technology-oriented mask, people need guidance to get aware of its various functions and for that, we have to individually teach them about it. This is a time consuming and costly task.

As far as opportunities are concerned, the biggest opportunity that exists for us is the low tariffs in international markets. Due to this, we can easily sell our mask out there at less cost and this will enhance our profits. Moreover, people nowadays prefer technology-oriented products and our mask is one of them. Also, nowadays, millions of people are facing sleep deprivation issues which creates further problems. So we have targeted this issue so people may find a solution to this problem and it will prove as a great opportunity for us.

Introduction to new technology can be proved as a big threat to our business idea. Advancements have been made daily in the field of science and technology. Our competitors may come up with a mask with more technical specifications and it may affect us. Another threat to our business is a delicate structure of our product. If it fell from a height of 6 feet or more, it might get damaged. So, our customers have to this into consideration while using it.

Marketing Objectives

As this is the launch of a new product, our underlying marketing objective is solely to introduce the product in the market and get it accepted by our customers. By getting accepted by the customers, we mean placing our product in the minds and hearts of our target market. Building a brand image and making our customers loyal.

To avail it, we will adopt various techniques. These include:


We will do different exhibitions to tell people about the new way of dreaming and we will give a demo that how this whole procedure will work. We will give an exhibition in the main areas of the city because many people come there and we can interact with them and we can explain our idea to them.


We will make brochures and spread them by using newspaper. A newspaper is another approach that we will use to spread our brand and will create awareness among our customers. Brochures in newspapers will help us to spread our brand everywhere like in schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions.

Text Messages

We will use this approach because our customers will read the message for a new way of dreaming and getting a solution to sleep deprivation. A text message is not restricted to any specific person it will go everywhere and will help to expand.


We will advertise with the help of billboards. Billboards will be placed at different business hubs of the city. Billboards will help to create the image of our brand.

Social Media

Our customer uses the internet all the time and now have awareness of how to use different social media platforms. So our first approach will be using Facebook and Instagram to spread our brand or we will make viral videos just to create fun and tell about us.

Business Events

We will attend business expos and tell visitors about our product and all the details associated with it as well as answer any FAQs

Issues that may rise

Since right now, our main marketing objective is just to get our product accepted by the target market the only issue that may arise is financial support. To advertise and promote our brand through various mediums, we will need a handsome amount of money to do it. Because we have to pay various platforms to get out product promoted, so cost might become a hindrance.



Reber, D. (2018, May 21). Market Description Example for Building your Business Plan. Retrieved June 30, 2020, from https://ossacollective.com/business-plan-basics-market-description/

Marketing Plans. (n.d.). Retrieved June 30, 2020, from https://www.gaebler.com/Marketing-Plan-Current-Situation.htm

Zugor, S. (2019, November 04). 14 Lucid Dreaming Masks/Devices Compared (And The ONE That Works). Retrieved June 30, 2020, from https://howtolucid.com/lucid-dreaming-masks-compared/

Impacts of the changing environment on Management Accounting System.




The purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ knowledge on the impacts of the changing environment on Management Accounting System.



Write a report on the impact of the changing in business environment of an organisation of your choice due to the economic downturn. Learners are required to critically evaluate and provide recommendations to the organisation. Refer to at least THREE published journal articles. Use APA format for in-text citations and references.


[25 marks]




The purpose of this task is to enhance learners’ knowledge on the main differences between traditional and contemporary performance measurement systems.



Write a paper on traditional and contemporary performance measurement systems. Learners are required to refer to FOUR recently published journal articles. Use APA format for in-text citations and references.

 [25 marks]

 [Total: 50 marks]

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*QN/ *NS CLO Criteria Weight Excellent Good Fair Poor Unsatisfactory Max Marks
4 3 2 1 0






Introduction on the changing environment of recent business management and the management accounting system.





Detailed and clear introduction on all of the following:

·  background of the organisation

·  economic downturn

·  current environment of the organisation business

·  management accounting system


Quite detailed and clear introduction on all of the following:

·  background of the organisation

·  economic downturn

·  current environment of the organisation business

·  management accounting system


Brief but clear introduction on all two of the following:

·  background of the organisation

·  economic downturn

·  current environment of the organisation business

·  management accounting system


Brief and vague introduction on all of the following:

·  background of the organisation

·  economic downturn

·  current environment of the organisation business

·  management accounting system


No introduction was given. 2
























Stat/Math Practice Problems Custom Paper

Stat/Math 415 Midterm 2 Practice Problems
The exam covers Confidence Interval and Hypothesis Test for proportion and mean
parameters, Sample Size, Regression
1. To determine the percentage of customer satisfaction for a certain product, we
will randomly select some customers who purchased the product and ask for
their satisfaction (for simplicity, assume their answers are either yes or no).
Suppose we need the estimate to be within ε =0.05 of the true percentage of
satisfaction with 90% confidence, how many customers we need to survey?
2. A university official is interested in testing whether the proportions of males and females at the university are the same. To test her hypothesis, she takes a random sample of 100 students — 47 are males and 53 are females.

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a) Using statistical notation to specify the null and alternative hypotheses.
b) Test the null hypothesis at α = 0.05 significance level. You need to find an
appropriate test statistic, identify the critical region, and then make the decision.
c) Calculate the p-value of the test statistic.
3. The mean number of angina attacks among patients is around 1.3 per week. It is
hoped that a new drug will reduce this figure. A random sample of 20 patients
who are using the new drug has a mean of 0.8 attacks per week with a standard
deviation of 0.83 attacks per week.
a) Using statistical notation to specify the null and alternative hypotheses.
b) Test the null hypothesis at α = 0.01 significance level.
c) A one-sided upper bound for µ is [0, ( 1) ]
x + tα n − . Illustrate how to use this
confidence interval to make a decision for the above hypothesis test.
4. Let X X n ,…, 1 be an i.i.d. random sample from N(µ,100) . Suppose we decide to
reject H0 : µ = 80 in favor of : 80 H1 µ > if x ≥ 83, where x is the sample mean
with sample size n = 25.
a) What is the probability that we will make a type I error for the test?
b) If the true value of µ is 85, what is the probability that we will make a type II
error for the test?Click here to place an order for this or any other related assignment
5. The ACT composite score and the first year college GPA are given in the
following table for 9 students.
ACT: 23 29 15 23 28 27 23 26 20
GPA: 2.40 3.10 2.51 2.98 3.93 1.91 1.69 2.88 2.60
a) Calculate the least square regression line for these data.
b) Find a 95% CI for α,β
c) Suppose a new student has ACT score 17, calculate his/her expected GPA score.
Find the 95% CI for his/her expected GPA and then find the 95% prediction
interval for his/her GPA.
6. Which of the following assumptions are needed to derive the prediction interval in
linear regression (multiple choices).

“Poetry” COVID 19 Custom Paper


I want to write. The kind of writing where every word sounds glamorous, almost as though spoken by a poet. Perhaps I’ll write of snow and how it falls white, unburdening the world of its sins. Or maybe I’ll not indulge the narrative of equating white to pureness. I’ll instead make snow black, to match the soul of this world. Would we be content then? A black snowfall for a black world, how beautiful. Yet, I cannot write of beauty. No, not of its trembling dandelions at the felt of a breath, nor of its lulling smell during fall.

To be a writer in this present is to be forced to detail the most wretched of events. Anything else would be a disservice to the truth and a neglect of the people whose stories are impacted by this wretchedness. Still, one must admit that it’s terrifying having to contend with your own dreary thoughts, while trying to rationalize a brute world.


Therewith, begins the story of 2020.


Starting like any other year, it was replete with good expectations. Some wished for job promotions, and others for high grades in their last year of high school. I wished to be free of myself, as my mind often went to that cliff, with its dark bottom, that hoped to consume me whole. COVID seemed a looming threat but we did not expect it would so rapidly change the course of our normal lives. Weeks passed and the death toll around the world rose from 200,000 to 300,000. The disease spread from Wuhan to Japan, Korea, and before we knew it, Europe. It was especially hard on Italy, where we saw that not only were the hospitals near the brink of destruction, but that Asian people were being targeted for the origin of the virus in an Asian country, irrespective of their cultural origin.

Eventually, this virus came to America, a place which had long been dealing with a spiteful disease known as racism. COVID more so revealed the catastrophic effects of racism in healthcare, as we saw that it affected African-American communities substantially. The reason primarily being that in the field of healthcare, black people are believed to be more resistant to pain and therefore require less treatment and medication. Likewise, many impoverished people died from the virus, when it was generally preventable. Undeniably, it is a sad thing to fall victim to a monstrously capitalistic and discriminatory system.Click here to place an order for this or any other related assignment

But, one cannot speak of this year without speaking about the death of heroes. People who seemed larger than life and commanded it with grace, reverence, and power.

I often think about Kobe’s passing, and how untimely it was. Then I wondered what Vanessa and her children must have felt, to lose their father, brother, husband, uncle, and even in death, have to share him with the world. It brought into perspective how mortal we all really are; how short of a time our presence is on this earth.

While COVID continued to spread, we saw that police brutality was rearing its ugly head. We all know this part of the story. But, I wish not to revel in the last moments of George Floyd. I wish not to remember him calling out to his dead mother, as his last breath left his body. I instead wish to speak about the many instances of police mistreatment before. The ones where police bashed into the ground, the heads of black citizens coming back from a funeral or the one where a black woman was arrested in an undignified manner, in front of her child. Where was the rage then? Those were filmed. Or are black people only worth fighting for after they are dead? Do people only see the issue after we have long stopped breathing?

Consequently, any good suppositions placed upon 2020 became juvenile fantasies. Most reasonable, as we came to deal with the passing of Chadwick Boseman. How cataclysmic it was; how grievous. To lose one’s hero, just as they had found them, seemed a truly sick joke. Still, I marveled at his strength and those who had to share him with the world, as he was dying.

I cannot still, at this present moment, write about beautiful or glamorous things. Nor should I be expected to. I must not make the mistake of judging 2020 yet, while it’s still telling its story. But I hope, if hope be an end to racism; to this pandemic, that it ends with a line where there is still some goodness left in the world.


A Battle


The present, how forthcoming yet enigmatic. Revealing to us our fleeting mortality and the chimerical nature of time. Here it lies, in the palm of our hands the one minute, then gone the next. Believing we ever had the present or could keep it, was always covetous idealism.

Nonetheless, there I was, staring bizarrely at the white ceilings in my room.  It was the kind of moment where one lies awkwardly, almost as though lifeless, with tears filling their eyes but never dripping. Just staring.

“We’ve been here before,” I thought. It is the contemptible stain that continues to haunt a people.

I had heard about the barbaric death of George Floyd but I could never bring myself to be a witness to his murder. I had seen it too many times before, like a vast ocean of agony and anguish. And with each wave, came the dying of my spirit, and a rage, which had always been there but never put to good use.

Thus, I avoided it like the plague it was. It stayed in the corner of my mind where I had filed the names of Emmet Till, Rodney King, and Trayvon Martin.

But, I had no control over how others would react; what they would say; or rather what they would share. They were still holding on to their humanity, whereas I felt mine had left some years ago. I had become numb. The kind of numb where death and bloodshed were thought of as normalcy.

However, it was inevitable. Sooner or later, I would be forced by social media or the news, to come face to face with the video. I would be expected to grapple with death and win, though I reckoned that both it and I would have something to lose.

Upon seeing it on Facebook and again on Instagram, a sigh of exasperation left my mouth and articulated itself in the simple thought, “the world likes reminding black people of their pain.”

Still, I wondered if the world would be bewildered, if it saw that our eyes burned it in fire.


Then four days passed. The protests came.


I, still tussling with death, went to my very first demonstration on the 29th of May. Perhaps, I pondered, if I attend this, I would not only be fighting for the rights of black people to have self-determination and equity, but for my life as well.

Therewith, I realized that the thing people never tell you about revolutions is that they are multifaceted. They are both selfish; belonging to you and largely reflective of the power of the citizenry. We each want something out of it.

            Consecutively, I saw myself at every protest documenting, photographing, and writing. As I saw it my duty to document the zeitgeist, I wrote what came to be titled “Ablaze.” A piece,which in its nature, emphasizes the objective of the movement and criticizes the media’s tendency to be jaundiced.


While reporting that the protests were generally peaceful, as was expected of them, they focused their attention primarily on the pernicious few who thought it right to loot a store.

And despite the fact that I believed that looting was loathsome, I also reputed that “

Peace, [was] a stout pill to swallow/ When the copper’s savagery cavort[ed] like crashing waves, bringing the ills of the ‘morrow.”

In that, what must be realized is that a society that has treated its people with abhorrence; that has not given them the right to choose their own faiths; that has shown them images that teach them to hate themselves; that has raped their mother and lynched their brother; that has denied them the right to proper education, health insurance, and a chance in the job market; that has taught a history that is not their own, and relegated them to the role of slave, server, or brute, must one day reckon with the incontestable fact that they have created a morally monstrous nation. They must face the fact that these people, who have been subjected to this sort of treatment, will not remain peaceful.

“ Cities [will] burn in a blazing glory, telling [their] sorrows and  [their] story.”

Comparatively, like Langston Hughes must have felt when he wrote “what happens to a dream deferred”, Baldwin when he wrote I am not your Negro, or Lorraine Hansberry when she wrote A Raisin in the Sun, I too feel as a writer in the moment, that it is my obligation to convey the black experience. Despite how melancholy I might feel, I believe that if I keep writing about the experiences of black people, I won’t lose this ceaseless battle with death because it is what ties me to my humanity.


Pointy Tips and Writer’s Myths


Time stands still. The thoughts cease. The blank expression against a white screen. Writer’s block they call it. A moment of uncomfortable stillness, where one must fight for their life and hope to win. At least that is what I image it to be for those who experience it.

Dwindling inspiration and creativity, as it relates to the writer, has perhaps existed since the inception of writing itself. However, Edmund Bergler, a psychiatrist of the 1940s, as noted by the New Yorker, coined the term “writer’s block” after having studied writers that were suffering from a lack of productivity. What he believed was that “Blocked writers didn’t “drain themselves dry” by exhausting their supply of inspiration. Nor did they suffer from a lack of external motivation…They didn’t lack talent, they weren’t “plain lazy,” and they weren’t simply bored.” (Konnikova 3). As such, it must be said from personal experience that it is generally not a matter of being lackadaisical or unimaginative, but of putting together words that speak to the heart and mind of the reader, that proves most formidable. Words, in their creation, will either prove to be virulent munitions or purveyors of peace and innovation.

Therefore, when writing, authors, composers, and poets alike, must grasp the power that rests at the fine point of their pen. But, it must then be asked, what causes the blockage? Bergler believes it to be personal issues that cause writer’s block. “ A blocked writer is actually blocked psychologically—and the way to “unblock” that writer is through therapy. Solve the personal psychological problem and you remove the blockage” (Konnikova 5). However, this way of thought does have many presumptions that may not apply to all writers. One might not have internal hardships they might be dealing with and oftentimes, writing can be completely impersonal, such as when writing a research paper or an essay based on a novel.

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Such brings me to my next point: that writer’s block is a myth.

We seek perfection; to put down words that save those that read them. We want the sigh of gratification, that connotes the reader’s understanding of a truth. Thus, we, and I include myself among the ‘we’, spend minutes; hours, staring at a white screen, laboring to find the right words. In high school, I was often awake past the witching hour, searching for the right words and phrases for an AP European History assignment. The reason simply being that there was a look that the professor gave me, which indicated that they understood what I was trying to convey. A look of certainty which left me with gusto and that revealed that the paper went beyond research. I too was on that page.

Nonetheless, we can never achieve that level of faultlessness, as people or as writers. The best we can do is try our best to articulate what we think and what we feel. In doing so, we’ll find out things about ourselves and the world around us that seemed to elude us before.

Rumaan Alam, an author, says “  I have a day job, I have a family, I have a life, like anyone. But you never stop thinking, and thinking is a part of writing too” (Temple 4). Therewith, one comes to the realization that much of the writing process happens outside of the page. We find the words in our daily lives. There is always inspiration to be found in the world and an author can never be uninspired, as long as they live their life. And as much as it might seem confusing to write the next words, writer’s must not spend too much of their time writing. Their role, if not realized before, is to be observers of the times in which they exist; they must convey the present  and they cannot do that if all of their time is spent looking at a screen.


Works Cited


Konnikova, Maria. “How To Beat Writer’s Block.” 2016.

Temple, Emily. “Is It Real? 25 Famous Writers On Writer’s Block.” 2018.

Multi Threading and Design Patterns

Multithreading and Design Patterns
This is a take-home lab assignment. No extensions whatsoever will be provided. Any submission after the deadline will not be evaluated. If you see any ambiguity or inconsistency in a question, please seek clarification from the teaching staff. Please read the entire text below very carefully before starting yourimplementation.
Please note that you are not allowed to discuss the design/solution of the lab assignment (e.g. classroom page discussions etc.). Anyone who is found doing this will be treated as a plagiarism case. Noexcuses!
In this assignment, you will be focussing on the concepts of explicit multithreading, ForkJoinPool, and design patterns in Java. You are going to implement a parallel recursive tree traversal program by using both explicit multithreading and ForkJoinPool. This assignment will help you understand the productivity and performance of different styles for parallelprogramming.YouareallowedtouseJavaCollectionFrameworkinthisassignment.
(Edit: 27/11, 09:00 p.m) This assignment also has a bonus component as described below.
The program description is as follows.


● The main program would take input from the user for how many nodes are to be created in the tree. Let this value be“N”.
● Write a method that sequentially (and recursively) constructs an unsorted and unbalanced tree “N” number of nodes (see a sample tree in picture above), each with a random degree within the values 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each node will store a unique random integer within the range 1 to1000000.
● Print the total time taken to construct this tree and the height of thistree.


● The main program would then ask the user to: a) input the set of nodes (i.e. numbers within the specified range mentioned above) that the user would like to check if they exist in the constructed tree, b) specify the technique the user would like to use for the above query processing, i.e., explicit multithreading or ForkJoinPool, and c) total number of threads that should be used in parallelprocessing.
● Based on the above inputs from the user, the program should be able to: a) traverse the tree recursively in parallel using the technique specified by the user and by using the specified number of threads (range: 1-4), b) specify if all those nodes exist in the tree and at what depths, c) print the total time taken for parallel processing, d) calculate and print the speedup over the sequential execution along with the parallel efficiency. You must traverse the tree recursively in both implementations, instead of simply storing the nodes in an array and then searching it overthere.
Note that for implementing the ForkJoinPool implementation, you are not allowed to use the “join()” method. Instead of that you should use the “help Quiesce()”. Method. You can look online on Oracle documentation regarding the usage for help Quiesce(). You should NOT use the producer-consumer model/design-pattern in your implementation. There is no strict requirement on the number of design patterns that you should implement. Although, you must have at least one design pattern in your implementation (the one that is most relevant and can affect the execution).

There will be some marks for extremely efficient parallel implementation.

There is no need for a sample test case as the user interaction is very limited, and is clearly mentioned in the above description.

Managing Data and Information Assignment

Using and Managing Data and Information Assignment

3 Note to students: There are FOUR tasks and you are expected to complete all of them. You are required to transfer the work of all tasks on to a single wordprocessed MS Word file and upload it on Turnitin, which is the submission of this assignment. The deadline for this assignment is (10th December 2020 before 3pm).

Task 1 A supermarket manager wanted to investigate the profile of shoppers resistant to the use of self-checkout counters available at the store he manages and to find out the reasons behind their resistance. He asks three of his staff to conduct a survey among customers using the store in Sheffield Hallam area during a quiet working day in October of 2019 as they exited the store. The short questionnaire used for the survey as well as the data collected can be found on an Excel file named “SCC”. There are two worksheet, one for the questionnaire used and the other worksheet for the raw data collected from the customers. The data worksheet has 18 columns. Column A “Customer” is simply a column to identify the customer surveyed – Customer 1, Customer 2 etc… Each of the other 17 columns refer to a question – Column B refers to the gender question, Column C refers to the age question etc… The manager has employed you as data analyst to conduct this investigation. Your analysis should use the statistical facilities on Excel as required below.

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Required: 1. Label the codes for the categories of the following variables: • Gender • Age • Education • Are you a regular user of self-checkout user 2 2. Produce frequency and percentage frequency tables for each of the following variables: • Gender • Education • Age • SCC user • Spending (£) For this last quantitative variable, the categories should be as follows: <100 100- 109 110- 119 120- 129 130- 140 >140 3. Draw the graphical representation for each of the following variables: • Education (Pie chart) • Age (Bar chart) • Spending (Histogram) using the following categories: <100 100- 109 110- 119 120- 129 130- 140 >140 • Spending (Box and whisker) graph 4. Consider now the variable “Spending (£)”. • Calculate the minimum, maximum, median, quartiles and the mean average statistics. • Calculate the mean and standard deviation” split by users (and non-users) of SCC. 5. Produce a cross-table between each of the following two variables and draw an appropriate multiple bar chart: • Are you a regular user of self-checkout user and Gender • Are you a regular user of self-checkout user and Age 6. Draw a scatter diagram and calculate the correlation coefficient of Spending against the reliability total score. 𝑅𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑏𝑖𝑙𝑖𝑡𝑦 𝑡𝑜𝑡𝑎𝑙 𝑠𝑐𝑜𝑟𝑒 = 𝑅𝑒𝑙1 + 𝑅𝑒𝑙2 + 𝑅𝑒𝑙3 + 𝑅𝑒𝑙4

3 Note: The tasks and all their requirements should be clearly separated (preferably each task starts on a separate page). All variables should be clearly named and their correct categories clearly labelled. Graphs should be appropriate and correctly labelled and each of them on the same page. Any calculations should be clearly presented and explained. Task 2 A plumber has decided to use the techniques of project management in order to plan a job. He knew all the different activities of the job, their precedence and their average durations. They are shown on the table below.

Activity Duration
Preceding activities
A 1 None
B 2 None
C 3 A and B
D 1 None
E 2 A and C
F 4 E
G 3 D
H 2 F
I 1 H
J 1 G and I
1. Draw a network diagram representing the sequence of activities and the
dependence between them.
2. Determine how long it will take to complete the job by conducting the
forward pass
3. By conducting the backward pass, identify the critical path and the noncritical
The work for this task should be produced using Word drawing facilities. The
forward and backward passes should be clearly shown on the diagram. The
calculations should be shown next to the network diagram.
Task 3
The quarterly sales figures for the number of shoes (pairs) sold at a shoe shop
is shown on the table below.

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Year Quarter Sales
2015 1 139
2 135
3 91
4 113
2016 1 145
2 137
3 95
4 118
2017 1 150
2 141
3 99
4 119
2018 1 156
2 149
3 105
4 125
1. Draw a line graph to represent the sales figures.
2. Calculate the moving averages.
3. Calculate the centre moving averages
4. Present the original sales data and the trend of sales figures on the same line


Task 4
A small cheese maker specialises in two types of cheese – Brie and Gouda
that he makes and sells in packets of 400 grams. The cheese maker has
estimated that each packet of Brie uses 1.8 litres of special milk and 100
grams of special salt. For the Gouda cheese packet, the amounts of special
milk and salt needed are 1.2 litre and 150 grams respectively. The cheese
maker has a limited supply of special milk and salt and a maximum of only
120 litres of milk and 12000 grams of salt is made available each week. Once
produced and sold, the Brie packet returns a £2.80 profit and £2 profit for the
Gouda cheese.
1. Enter the information on the table below into an Excel file. You should also
insert an appropriate formula for “Total profit” and quantity “Used” for each
of the “milk” and “salt” resource in the cells as indicated below.
Packet Brie Gouda
Quantity 0 0 Total
Unit profit
2.8 2 Insert
Used Symbol Max
2. Find the solution of the linear programming problem (using Excel Solver) 3.
Advise on the production of each type of cheese that yield maximum profit.

Cryptography assignment.

1 Problem 1 (30 points)
Alice and Bob are using software to create digital signatures. They have selected the DSA standard (represented as
Cryptosystem 8.4 on page 323 of the text). However the software has two implementation problems and in addition,
a very rare circumstance has occurred. Please refer to the module added to Canvas for final project that shows the
values of p, q, α, etc. for this problem. Alice and Bob share the same p, q, and α, but have different values of a
and thus different values of β.
(a) Verify that the signatures are valid.
(b) The first problem is that the Digital Signature algorithm was modified so that the value to be signed is not
hashed. Please produce one existential forgery for Alice and and one for Bob based on the public key.

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(c) An unrelated software problem has made it likely that Alice and Bob have secret keys that are close to each
other. And this bug has in fact occurred in this situation. By close, I mean that the two secret keys aAlice = a1 and
aBob = a2 are different by less than 25,000. As if this was not bad enough, Alice and Bob have produced digital
signatures where their software chose the same value for k. Describe how to calculate d = a1 −a2 by trial and error,
then describe how to compute k, a1, and a2. Note it is only necessary to solve one instance of the the discrete log
problem, in order to compute d. Further, since d is small in absolute value, it is feasible to do this by trial and
(d) Implement the attack you have described in (c) and calculate k, a1 and a2.
(e) Now assume that during the instance where Alice and Bob accidentally had the same value of k, they were
engaging in the Public-Key Mutual Authentication protocol 10.5 (page 395). Would you, the hacker, now be able
to impersonate Alice and Bob to other parties in the future? Explain.
2 Problem 2 (20 points)
Be resourceful and factor the following number: 12799278244855761977683089682787008973539117867733922884954
I propose you use Python as Python natively handles very large numbers. You can use the pow function to do fast
modular exponentiation.
3 Problem 3 (50 points)
When we select an elliptic curve for practical use, we would like the order of the base point to be a prime number.
Curve 25519 does this. In curves like 25519, the total number of points #E is not prime but the base point has
prime order.
I had stated in class that it was a good idea for the number of points #E on the an Elliptic curve modulo a prime
p to be a prime number. That way, any point you choose (except the infinity point) is a generator of the group.
However, I forgot to mention a pathological case, which occurs when the number of points on the curve #E is the
same as the modulus p. So if you are selecting a curve, you need to check for this case.
Your task is to solve the discrete log problem for the following elliptic curve: For a curve y
2 = x
3 + ax + b mod p,
m = 257743850762632419871495
p = 11 ∗ m ∗ (m + 1) + 3
a = 425706413842211054102700238164133538302169176474
b = 203362936548826936673264444982866339953265530166.
Please perform the following tasks:
(a) Generate a curve with small prime pmini < 1000 that has the same number of points as pmini. Then create a
discrete log problem for this small curve. You will be using this curve to double check your code.
(b) Check if p is prime. OK to use software tools.
(c) What is the number of points on E? (OK to use software tools).
(d) Now use the resources uploaded on the final project module to solve the following discrete logarithm problem.

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The point
A = (24, 310224165475973298147806088269428225647703826034)
B = (50, 66275076336461442314332875274548217082100991151),
where mA = B, and the goal is to find m. Hint: First work the sample problems in the two reference papers by
hand. Then download SageMath and use it. It will greatly speed up your work. You may need to modify existing
Sage code to solve the problem. If you use a source, please cite it. The method for breaking the DL problem in this
case is elegant.

Sampling Distribution Custom Paper

Answer the following problems completely:

Watch the recording on  Sampling Distribution.

  1. The income of the workers in a certain factory is known to follow a normal distribution with a mean of 15,000 and a standard deviation of 2,000. Random samples of size 20 will be taken.
  2. a) What is the distribution of the sampling distribution of the sample mean?

(Is it normal distribution, why?)

  1. b) What is the mean of the sample means?
  2. c) What is the standard deviation (or the standard error) of the sample means?
  3. d) What is the PROBABILITY that the sample mean is less than 14,800?Click Here to Place your order and Get 100% original paper on any topic done for Your

Watch the recording on  Estimation 1 and Estimation 2.

  1. A random sample of 25 students showed a mean height of 168cm. The population standard deviation  of the height of the students is 12 cm.
  2. a) What is the best point estimate of the population mean .
  3. b) Give the margin of error
  4. c) Find the 95% confidence interval of the population mean.
  5. d) How large a sample is needed to be 99% confident that the error will not exceed 4cm?

wireless transmission system custom paper

a) A wireless transmission system needs to overcome several key issues (challenges) related to the behaviour of radio frequency (RF) propagation in wireless channels. One such challenge is multipath propagation. Explain the effects of multipath on signals at a wireless receiver.(8 Marks)
b) In wireless communications, how does the power of a signal change with respect to distance? Critically analyse the relationship between power seen at the receiver and the distance ‘r’ between transmitter and receiver. If the distance ‘r’ is increased by 4 times, how would it affect the signal power seen at the receiver? Show your workings.(4 Marks)
c) Assume that an isotropic radiator transmitting at 100 mW is placed at a distance of 100 m from the receiver. If the receiver is using a parabolic dish of 0.25 m radius with an efficiency of 55%, what will be the power in watts seen by the receiver?(4 Marks)
d) Assume the following scenario: an Engineer John Doe from Newcastle City Council installed a new wireless LAN in the Eldon Square shopping Mall after performing a wireless site survey. After installation he measured RF signal strength and coverage and found it adequate. During the first two weeks of December 2019 (busy Christmas shopping season), bad weather forced many shoppers from the street into the mall such that it was crammed with people. Many complained about the poor quality of wireless network. During this time, the signal strength and quality of WLAN was less than desirable in many areas. What do you think is the reason(s) for poor wireless signals? Which RF signal property might have contributed to the poor signal reception?(4 Marks)
Question 2 (20 Marks)
Note: Word limit for each question part is 200 words excluding references, equations and diagrams.
a) Suppose that a signal travels through a wireless transmission medium and its power is reduced to fourth (1/4). How much of the signal power is lost in dB? Show your workings in the answer.(6 Marks)
b) IEEE 802.11n introduced few significant enhancements to the previous version (802.11g). Critically explain how these enhancements resulted in producing a wireless standard that was capable of achieving much higher data rates?(6 Marks)
c) Analyse how VSWR could potentially damage the system.(3 Marks)
d) A WLAN Access Point configured at 2.4 GHz has two antennas that are separated by 4 inches. How many wavelengths separate the antennas? How this separation between the antennas would affect the reliability of transmission?(5 Marks)Click Here to Place your order and Get 100% original paper on any topic done for Your

Question 3 (15 Marks):
Note: Word limit for each question part is 250 words excluding references, equations and diagrams.
a) Assume you are working as a Network Engineer for a Telecommunications service provider and your task is to estimate the feasibility of a 10 km link between two buildings with one access point and one client radio. The access point is connected to an antenna with 10 dBi gain, with a transmitting power of 100 mW and a receive sensitivity of -84 dBm. The client is connected to an antenna with 13 dBi gain, with a transmitting power of 16 dBm and a receive sensitivity of -82 dBm. The cables in both systems are short, with a loss of 2dB at each side at the 2.4 GHz frequency of operation. What is the link margin? By examining the link margin, comment on the reliability of the link.(10 Marks)
b) What recommendation you would make to improve the link margin for the system deployed in part a above?(5 Marks)
Question 4 (15 Marks)
Note: Word limit for each question part is 200 words excluding references, equations and diagrams.
a) Consider an IEEE802.11b based ad hoc wireless network that uses distributed coordinated function (DCF) as its MAC protocol. The network parameters are configured as follows: Raw data rate = 11 Mbps, Slot time = 20 us, SIFS = 10 us, DIFS = 50 us, CW_min (Slot time) = 31, CW_max (Slot time) = 1023. Assume that there are three wireless stations A, B and C are active on the network. Assume all stations are within each other’s coverage range. If A and B both receive 1500 Byte data (payload) to transmit to C at the same time, A wins the contention and begins transmission. Using the virtual carrier sense performed by station B, how long it should remain quiet (inactive) before trying for transmission.(5 Marks)Click here to place an order for this or any other related assignment

b) In a WLAN environment, will multiple SSIDs and BSSIDs affect the performance of the network? Justify your answer.(5 Marks)
c) Briefly explain which factors are important for planning a Wireless LAN design for a campus network.(5 Marks)
Question 5 (15 Marks)
Note: Word limit for part (a) is 500 words excluding references, equations and diagrams. Word limit for part(b) is 200 words excluding references, equations and diagrams.
a) Assume that Alice and Bob wish to exchange a secret message using the RC4 cipher. The secret message contains the time of meeting at a nearby cafe. Alice encodes the meeting time of 12:15 hrs using a secret key [4321]. Using a state vector of 8×3, find the value of the cipher text. Show your working of the iterations of RC4 algorithm.
Hint: You may ignore the “:” in the meeting time and consider it a string [1215]. The state vector consists of 8 elements and each element is represented by 3 bits.(10 Marks)
b) In part (a) above, Alice achieved confidentiality by encrypting the message using the RC4 cipher. If both wish to further enhance the security of this communication such that it is safe from attacks that compromise integrity, authentication, and non-repudiation. Which security mechanism they must use? You may explain the details of the technique used with the help of a figure.(5 Marks)Click here to place an order for this or any other related assignment

Question 6 (15 Marks)
Note: Word limit for each question part is 250 words excluding references, equations and diagrams.
a) Wireless hijacking is a serious threat for the WLAN networks. Explain how a rogue user (adversary) could hijack an active wireless session. List the number of steps, providing brief explanation of each step. (Hint: you may use a simple diagram involving wireless client, Access Point, Adversary).
(8 Marks)
b) Analyse what can happen when an intruder compromises the pre-shared key (PSK) or passphrase used during WPA/WPA2-Personal authentication?
(7 Marks)