Psychology Article Review

What is the main purpose of each article? What are the authors trying to explore/discuss?
2. What research methods did the author/s used? Qualitative or ethnographic methods? If the method is not listed, you can take a guess and explain your response.
3. Did the results/conclusion match the purpose of the articles? Please explain. If the results did not match the main purpose of the articles please explain why you think it did not match.
a. For example: If the article main purpose or argument is “The therapeutic relationship is linked to therapy success” does the data collected support this or not.
4. What kind of participants or population did the articles focused on?
a. Example: adults, kids, people of color, women ect.
5. Do you think the information discuss in the articles was biased? Yes or No? Please explain your answer.
6. Did the article discuss any multicultural implications?
a. For example: did the author discuss any multicultural implications or need for multicultural research. Multicultural refers to diverse culture, populations, religions, social class, disability, LGBTQ ect.
Please discuss areas for future research?
Based on this research article, do the authors make recommendations for future research?
Do you have any suggestions for future research?
Did you find any of this articles informative? Did you learn anything new from these articles? Yes or No? Please explain


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