Secure Network Designs, Implementation, and Administration

Section A: Assignment title, important dates, and weighting
Assignment title: Secure Network Designs, Implementation,
and Administration
Group or
individual: Individual
Module title: Network Systems Administration Module
Module leader: Dr. Eric Chiejina Moderator’s
04-05-2021 23:59 Target date for return of
marked assignment:
You are expected to spend about 40 hours to complete this assignment to a
satisfactory standard.
This assignment is worth 70% of the overall assessment for this module.
Section B: Student(s) to complete
Student ID number Year Code
Notes for students
• For undergraduate modules, a score above 40% represents a pass performance at the honours level.
• For postgraduate modules, a score of 50% or above represents a pass mark.
• Late submission of any item of coursework for each day or part thereof (or for hard copy submission
only, working day or part thereof) for up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relating to
modules at Levels 0, 4, 5, 6 submitted late (including deferred coursework, but except for referred
coursework), will have the numeric grade reduced by 10-grade points until or unless the numeric grade
reaches or is 40. Where the numeric grade awarded for the assessment is less than 40, no lateness penalty
will be applied.
• Late submission of referred coursework will automatically be awarded a grade of zero (0).
• Coursework (including deferred coursework) submitted later than five days (five working days in the case
of hard copy submission) after the published deadline will be awarded a grade of zero (0).
• Regulations governing assessment offences including Plagiarism and Collusion are available from (please refer
to UPR AS14)

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• Guidance on avoiding plagiarism can be found here:
• Modules may have several components of assessment and may require a pass in all elements. For further
details, please consult the relevant Module Handbook (available on Studynet/Canvas, under Module
Information) or ask the Module Leader.

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