Network Designs Custom Paper

Task 1: Network Designs
• You must prepare two detailed network diagrams for the primary and secondary business sites
illustrating your solutions. A simplified third network diagram showing the combination of the two sites
will be required.
• You can use the floorplan as a template although you must demonstrate connectivity between different
rooms in your design.
• Ideally, you should use Microsoft’s Visio or any other drawing software.
• You must search, select, and briefly evaluate the real network hardware chosen for your network designs
backed up by appropriate references.
• You should use legends as part of your designs with a full description of your cabling and network
• There are several ways that you can prepare a network diagram and advice will be provided. The goal is
to be able to communicate your design efficiently in a professional manner.
• You need to use appropriate referencing (IEEE or Harvard) for the devices you propose. Various websites
sell this type of equipment and there are also the main manufacturers that list their products and
• Many companies manufacture network products. You can choose any other manufacturer like Cisco,
Huawei, Juniper, Ciena, etc
Task 2: Network Implementations and Testing
• You must implement the primary and secondary network designs on a network simulator such as a
Cisco Packet tracer) or a network emulator (i.e. GNS3). However, it will be advisable to use the Cisco
Packet Tracer 7.3.1 as you have already been practising with this in some of our lab sessions.

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• You must produce a detailed test and evaluation plan of the implemented networks, and the
results of the testing carried out must be added to the test result section/column in form of
• You are also required to produce a short video demo showing some test results of the implemented
network functionalities and network services.
Task 3: Network Administrative tasks
• You must provide the detailed configuration for the DHCP server for the primary business site.
• You must provide the detailed configuration of the access control list enabled on the main router.
• The detailed SSH configuration for the main router.
• Screenshot evidence of the Linux server administrative tasks i.e.
o The 15 network users including the two network administrators.
o The usernames of the users and passwords.
o The two groups (primary and secondary group) showing the list of users.
School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science
o The privileged accounts showing members that can run commands as root.
• You must provide a video demo showing all the network administrative tasks being executed.

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