Network Administrative tasks

Task 3: Required Network Administrative tasks (Primary Office Only)
Your manager wants you to implement and execute the following administrative tasks on the networks
implemented on the virtual platform. This is to ensure that the same tasks can be carried out when the
physical network installation is carried out. You are also expected to carry out some further
administrative tasks on the Linux server that is designative for administrative purposes only. To ensure
you can perform the required administrative tasks, you are expected to first execute the tasks on a Linux
server installed on a VMWare Player or VirtualBox.
The required administrative tasks for this section are as follows:
• The main router should be configured as the DHCP server as advised earlier and you must ensure that the
IP addresses for the main router, DNS server, Linux Server, FTP server, Backup server, Print server are all
excluded from the address pool.
• All workstationsshould be enabled to dynamically request IP from the DHCP server when they are switched

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• Configure SSH on the main router and test these functionalities.
• Ensure all workstations can ping each other and other core network devices i.e., main router.
• All workstations must be able to connect to the internet.
• Create 15 network users and assign network administrative duties to two of the users. Note: this
must be done on the Linux Server.
• Ensure that all users have an initial password which they will change when they first login in.
• Create two user groups (primary and secondary). The two network administrations should be in
the primary group while the rest of the users should be placed in the secondary group.
• Aside from the network administrator accounts, create two other privileged accounts that give
members the ability to run commands as root.

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