management of a networked computing environment.

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes (from Definitive Module Document):
LO1: Have a knowledge and understanding of the issues involved in the design, realization /administration, and
management of a networked computing environment.
LO2: Be able to design, install and support a local area network based on established user requirements.
Assignment Brief:
This coursework is worth 70% of the overall mark for the module. Some parts of the coursework will require
research beyond the material discussed in the course. This is intended and is part of the assessment. See the
attachment for further information.
The deadline is 06.05.2021 by electronic submission via Canvas.
Please see the table underneath for the expected structure of the report and the breakdown of the mark allocation.

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Please include appropriate references and a bibliography. You are expected to use appropriate peer-reviewed
sources for supporting your arguments, and an appropriate referencing style as per the University regulations.
Submission Requirements:
This is assignment is to be submitted and marked anonymously. Students should ONLY use their student ID
number to identify themselves on their work. Work submitted via Canvas for anonymous marking will
automatically have an anonymity number allocated to it.
When you are ready to submit your CW1, you will be required to submit the following:
• Technical reports in pdf format
• A zipped folder containing the files of the implemented network.
• A short video demo showing the tests performed on the implemented networks in Task 2
• A video demo showing the network administrative tasks carried out from Task 3
The name of the files submitted should have your student registration number as part of the name (e.g.
TechnicalReport_12003456.pdf, completedNetwork1_12003456.pkt – this is for Cisco Packet tracer,
Test_demo_12003456.mp4, etc.)
Marks awarded for:
This assignment is worth 70 % of the overall assessment for this module.
Marks awarded for:

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