KF7014 – Advanced Programming & KF7012 – Implementing Object Orientated Design

Task 1 Research Question (Individual Work)                             30 marks                                                      

This task is an individual task and covers the following learning outcome.

  1. Demonstrate in depth knowledge and understanding of current best practice in the design and development of Object Orientated systems


Question for section one and two


“Most systems require user authentication, identify the technical approach you would use to storing the password information so that a user was able to authenticate themselves at a later date. You discuss a range of approaches and any weaknesses with the indentified approaches.”  



The research is split into three sections,


Section one

The initial part you will be limited in your usage to a single source of information, namely “stack overflow”. This initial investigation should take approximately 1 hour to complete. And will be undertaken during the lab session. See Appendix B for information regarding how to capture the information. If you miss the lab you can still do the exercise and forward the information to the module tutor for analysis.

                                                                                                                        (5 marks)


Section two

This second part answers the same question however it should be only done after the lecture on security. You must document the work in the same way as you did for section one, using the layout from Appendix B. Part one documented finding information on stack overflow in this section. You also need to write a short summary identifying the technical measures you would take and give a reference to any code examples which you would use as a basis for implementing the solution.

                                                                                                                        (5 marks)

                                                                                                            Word Limit 300



Section three 

Identify possible technical solutions to security protecting information in the properties of a class prior to it being persisted on a database.  Additionally you should consider and outline any implications any of the possible solutions may have on the winder functionality or performance the application.

(20 marks)

                                                                                                            Word Limit 1500


References from good-quality, relevant literature must be used in order to strengthen any points that you raise in your discussion. This only relates to sections two and three of this question.  

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 Task 2 UML Designs and OOP considerations (Group work)  10 marks

This task assesses the learning outcome.


Design a system using advanced object orientated principles and methods, such as Behavioural, Creational and Structural design patterns, ensuring a high level of quality and data security.



Produce an implementable class diagram for the system you are developing, this should show your final design of the software components and clearly show architectural patterns used in the development of the system. It should not be post implementation diagram created by visual studio. You are expected to use Design Patterns in the creation of you product, and you are also expected to show layering of the application, patterns should be considered in each of the layers for example you are expected to use a presentational Patten in the interface layer. This work should only include the requirements which you are expecting to implement during the time-box.
(5 marks)


You must provide a justification for any of the patterns you have chosen to implement. Outlining reasons why the choices have been made. You should also include any patterns which you believe could be beneficial to the software architecture, but which you decided not implement. A rational for their exclusion should be given.                                      (5 marks)

Word Limit 300




Task 3 Implementing the technical Solution (Group work)                 20 marks

In this task the following learning outcome is assessed.



Implement and test Object Orientated programmes using advanced techniques ensuring a high level of quality and data security.


You are not expected to try and implement the entire system. Agile methods require a subset of requirements to be taken into a time-box for development. You can apply MoSCoW to list of requirement, this will help you decide on what requirements you plan to implement. However you are expected to pick requirements which work together so that you can demonstrate a working subsection of the entire system, you should use vertical development.


You are expected to develop the application using the standard three layer model and the domain and presentation layer should contain some of the patterns covered in the module.


Entity Framework must be used to persist the objects. It is your choice on how you use the technology. It is recommended not to use Database first as this will have architectural consequences to your system.


The system must be implemented using Visual Studio 2017 or 2019 and be written in C#. As stated earlier only windows forms may be used and the application must use the inbuilt database.

You may include instructions as to use which would include any valid logon details or user details that you have created.

The code is marked on the following aspects:



Scope technical implementation                                                                     (5 marks)


Quality of the solution, including architecture patterns used.                                                                                                                                                                        (13 marks)




Task 4 Testing (Group work)                                                                                 10 marks

In this task the following learning outcome is assessed.


  1. Demonstrate a professional understanding of the importance of software quality in the development of applications.


It is expected that there is sufficient level of unit level testing within the layers of the application. It is important that each class and method has an associated testing component. You should also carry out some testing at system level making sure that the system performs the needed system functionality. You should use both positive and negative testing.

Visual Studio provides an inbuilt testing framework, you are expected to automate as many of the tests as possible using the inbuilt unit testing framework.  If you have used dependency injection/mock objects to isolate classes you should make this clear in your testing strategy.


All tests must also be documented in a test plan, it is not enough to just have test project, it must documented in a plan.




Task 5 Evaluation of the development process (Individual Work)
15 marks

In this task the following learning outcome is assessed.


  1. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of implemented Object Orientated applications
  2. Demonstrate a professional understanding of the importance of software quality in the development of applications.


Many iterative methodologies incorporate an evaluation step at the end of each development time-box.  The purpose is to reflectively evaluate the development increment so that lessons can be learned, and improve the development process in future increments.  In this section you are required to critically evaluate development process and the tools used.


Approximately 700 words


Task 6 Evaluation of the technical solution (Individual Work)
15 marks



In this task the following learning outcome is assessed.

  1. Critically evaluate the effectiveness of implemented Object Orientated applications


Critically evaluate the Design and Implementation in relation to the object orientated principles covered in the module. You must consider the patterns you have used and discuss if they were effective and also identify any patterns you have not implemented but believe to be relevant.


Discuss the choice of Data Access implementation. Was Entity Framework directly used or did you impose your own unit of work and repository patterns. You need to justify and reflect on the choice you made.

Critically evaluate your application in terms of security. You do not need to discuss password security which you covered in the research question. However you should focus on the security needs of the application from the data perspective. You should use what you discovered from task one section three in order to give some specific recommendation related to this application.

Word limit: 1000.

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