Course Project and Presentation “Electrical Machines Project”

General Information:

In this course, each group has to submit an independent study report in PDF format (no more than 20 pages) along with a PowerPoint presentation in PPT format (no more than 4 slides per student). Other than the cover page, each page in your reports and each slide in your PowerPoint should be numbered on the lower right corner as (Page#/Total number of pages or slides). This course project is worth 20% of the total course grade. For this report, I have split the class into 5 groups and each group will investigate one topic as follows:

Project #1: Vector control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Project #2: Controlling the wound-rotor induction motor by external resistors

Project #3: Synchronous generators operated in parallel and with infinitive bus

Project #4: Controlling the induction motor speed by V/f method

Project #5: Soft starting control for induction motor

The weight of your project is totally 20% of the final mark of the course distributed as follows:

Technical Report:                             10% Marks (Group grade)

Presentation and QA section:           10% Marks (Individual grade)


Technical Report Requirements:

Use the following brief guidelines to structure your report:


  1. Cover sheet: should include the institution logo, project title, academic year, name of the students and their ID in each group, date of
  2. List of contents: This is the second page of your The list of contents aims to provide the reader an overview of the subject matter and the structure of the report so that readers can easily jump to a specific part of the text containing the information they need. Your list of contents should include the title of the sections and page number in your report.
  3. Report objective: In the research objective, you should give me a summary of your work in completing this report as well as the purpose and scope of this report. It should be one paragraph with no more than 250 words. The objective should not contain displayed any mathematical equations, footnotes, references, graphics, or tabular
  4. Introduction: you will need to provide a summary (less than one page) of the historical background of your particular topic, e.g. origins, development, and relevance throughout history, contemporary usage,
  5. Discussion section: This the main body of the reports which includes sub-sections and it shouldn’t exceed 15 The title of each sub-section will be decided by you. In this part, you will discuss the following aspects:
    • Full description of your system that you are dealing with in your project, i.e.,
    • Block diagrams, circuit diagrams, …
    • Describe working principle, main components, …
    • Demonstrate and show the simulation results. Explain and comment about the results.
  6. Conclusion section: In this section, you will give a summary (less than half page) on what you did in your report and what is your perspective on the future of the type of energy you are dealing
  7. References: List all references that you have used in your report on a separate





Presentation Requirements:

Each group will be given around 15~20 minutes to present their work. Each student in the group should present for at least 3~5 minutes and should be responsible for a specific number of slides. The weight of the presentation and oral question and answer is 10%, which will be graded individually.


  • The number of slides should not exceed
  • You must include a title slide at the beginning of your presentation that has the students’ names, group number, and
  • Text font should be an appropriate size suitable for a presentation; you will be docked marks if your presentation is overly wordy or hard to Be sure not to include too much information on one slide.
  • You have to prepare your presentation in an organized
  • Use bold font with suitable size for the section headers and regular font for the
  • Your presentation should be a spoken summary of your written report and be attractive to the

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