Psychoanalysis Reaction Paper

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you compare, contrast and critique two major theoretical approaches discussed in class this semester. The theories can be compared and contrasted in terms of techniques used, main focus and on the emphasis or lack of emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. For example, psychoanalysis focuses on the unconscious mind while cognitive approaches focus on faulty thought processes. Students also have the option to use theoretical approaches that were not discussed in class this semester.



Theoretical approaches examples (Corey & Corey article)

Psychonalytic approach

Person centered


Family systems

Times new roman 12pt and double space. You can also use APA style.

Select two of the theoretical approach we covered in class so far. You can select use the Corey & Corey Article.
Answer the guiding questions below and provide your own insights/opinions.

Guiding Questions:


1. What is the main focus of each theoretical approach? Example: Faulty cognitions or behaviors

2. How does each theoretical approach view the therapeutic relationship? Example: Collaborative or authoritarian?

3. What are some of the similarities among these two approaches?

4. What are the major differences among these two approaches?

5. Do these approaches have any multicultural applications?

a. For example:. Multicultural refers to diverse culture, populations, religions, social class, disability, LGBTQ ect. Are these theories useful to work with diverse populations?

These questions are just a guide to help you write this paper. Feel free to discuss anything else that I missed with my guiding questions. This is a reaction paper meaning that students are encouraged to provide their own insight and opinions.

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