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I have never had doubt that would end up in an art related career.  Since I was a child, I have been an ardent art enthusiast, and since my first drawing as a child, I always saw new and better ways to approach the multifaceted world of art and design. Growing up, my father owned a jewellery business, and it was my greatest joy to help out in the shop in my free time. Seeing my mother turn beads, stones and strings into magnificent forms of artwork drew me even further into the jewellery world. I am outgoing, empathetic and a kind person. Coupled with my great ambitious and risk-taking personality, I believe that I will suffice in the jewellery industry.  In my free time, I love to draw, paint, play the piano and read fashion magazines.

FIDM is famed because of the exemplary professionalism they accord to art. I wanted a place that presented a conducive environment for creativity so I could harness the new talent and improve my skill. When I learnt about their dedicated jewellery department, I was sure there would be vast resources and competent professors to enable me to kick start my jewellery career on a high note.  I had a friend who graduated from FIDM recently and even with the hefty amount of assignments; she was happy with how she was morphing into a professional. When I once visited Orange County, I was captivated by the beauty of the school. From the pink painted walls to the decorations in every corner; the school was beautiful.  I had the opportunity to converse with the Director of Admission, Mr. Michael Mirabella and having his insight on a FIDM and how it propels one to an illustrious career in art, I was sure that was the place I would like to be.

My major in Jewelry is one of the most sought-after industries in the fashion and design world as it is poised for a glittering future.  It is dynamic and fast-growing assuring me of a career with newer prospects every day.  It is also an unending business given that people would want unique and more beautiful fashions every day. After a successful spell at FIDM, I hope to get a job in the Jewelry business to gain experience and harness business management skills. After that, I will start my own business and develop it to be an active market player in the sector of my dreams.

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