Public Education in the Dominican Republic vs the United States

Learning Objectives
o To gain experience contributing to an ongoing scholarly conversation.
o To effectively synthesize various voices/perspectives from primary and secondary
o To effectively employ rhetorical analysis to researched material.
o To gain experience with rhetorical appeals and persuasive writing.
o To learn how to make substantial revisions based on feedback.
o To understand, and adapt to, the conventions of academic discourse.
o To develop the ability to self-question and sustain inquiry in academic writing.
Project Description
The purpose of the Inquiry Project is to explore, analyze, and, ultimately, take a position
in a current and ongoing debate and convince an academic audience to adopt your
position. Your final essay will be an argument with a central thesis that is debatable,
specific, and plausible. For this project, you will need to identify a topic of interest. You
are free to choose a topic that aligns with your own personal interests, however, this
issue must be timely, original, and sustainable. You will need to support your claims with
credible evidence from at least six appropriate primary or secondary sources. Your final
draft should be 10 – 12 double-spaced pages in length. Be sure to format and cite your
sources using MLA format.
In your first draft you should have a clear sense of your main research question; this will
ultimately lead to your thesis – a position statement within a debate. For this draft,
however, you will not be asked to take a position just yet. Rather, you will use this draft
to analyze the various viewpoints on this issue. What views do different stakeholders

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have within the debate? Do these views share any common ground? What are the
motivations of each stakeholder? (In other words, what is it that they implicitly want?). I
expect you to produce as much prose as possible for this draft. Drafts that are simply
outlines of ideas, lack adequate research, or are under five pages in length will not be
considered complete and will receive a zero.

research paper must be done with articles from credible sources, like google scholar, Ebsco, bbc news

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