How is a sacrament both a sign and a symbol?

How is a sacrament both a sign and a symbol? Use one sacrament to illustrate.
This paper requires MLA formatting that includes:
a. 12-point font
b. doubles spaced sentences
c. title and personal identification
d. a separate Works-Cited page properly formatted
e. specific bibliographical form for print and electronic sources in your Works-Cited
f. a specific form for parenthetical (in-text) citations of the sources listed in your Works-Cited

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The research paper will require consulting at least four (4) sources from the following types:
• class text (Mueller, J.J. Theological Foundations: Concepts and Methods for Understanding the Christian Faith.Winona: Ortiz, McHugh, 2007. pg.(131-150) Print. )
• print or electronic book
• electronic peer-reviewed journal article
• website with a .edu address (see the MLA guidelines for credible web sources)
Certain sources do not qualify for Works-Cited. You will penalized if you use them. These are:
a. Wikipedia
b. standard dictionary or encyclopedia (web or paper)
c. any website not .edu
For every source listed in the Works-Cited a student must have at least one corresponding parenthetical (in-text) reference. This will demonstrate how a student has used the source.
The student should remember that any source not accompanied by at least one parenthetical reference (and any parenthetical reference not associated with a source in your Works-Cited) will not count towards the minimum number of required sources.
Research Paper Self-Assessment Checklist

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