Political Science Custom Essay “free press”

  1. Why is the free press essential to democracy?

Free press is essential for good governance and sustenance of leadership. With the free press in collaboration with the freedom of speech, people are well informed and are also able to participate in democracy. In account to this, governments are able to work together with journalist and other communication bodies to deliver to the public. Additionally, free press helps the justice system by uncovering information reliable to court cases.

  1. If there was no free press, how would you get your information?

Without the freedom of press then there is no democracy. Therefore, if there is no freedom in journalism, people will have to rely on what or who convinces more whether selling them truth or lies.

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  1. If you could not trust the information, what effect would that have on your political attitudes?

In case the information could not be trusted, information would be revealed through hidden channels, and likely there will be a revolution, people would not trust their government and begin fighting for democracy.

  1. With the rise of “fake news” and the publishing of false information, how do you weed through the overwhelming amounts of literature to find credible news sources?

It is relatively difficult to maintain democracy when people are not concerned about the political events around them. When there is less attention towards what is happening politically, most of the democratic rights are likely to be misused or taken away form the citizens by the government. If people are not mindful of their political events, they have little knowledge of democracy.

  1. Can we maintain a democracy when most Americans pay little attention to political events?

To find credible and true news in this era when there is arise in fake news, you will need to read news from different publishers and most likely trust similar information given by different publishers. It is not easy for two or more news agency to agree on publishing similar news if it was fake. Another method would be avoiding news that do not publisher details or the agency is not a reputable.

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