How Obamacare became a symbol of America’s Divide

  1. The Obamacare bill was proposed by the former President of the USA in January 2009 with the aim of providing affordable healthcare to all.
  2. The passing of the bill was however faced with plenty of challenges which caused division among the States.
  3. Division among the states came due the rejection of the bill by the Republicans and some of the general public.
  4. In order to pass the bill, Obama started putting pressure on the Democrats in both houses to vote for the bill and make it pass.
  5. Those who opposed the bill argued that the bill will negatively affect the economic state of the United States.
  6. Despite the negative perception of bill, Obama’s government continued pushing for the reforms.Click Here to Place your order and Get 100% original paper on any topic done for Your
  7. Obama’s hope was in his republican representatives.
  8. Some of the American’s who were not in favor of the bill claimed that they would move out of the USA and live in other countries if the bill was passed.
  9. Obama assembled all his staffs on the day of casting votes for the bill to witness.
  10. The voting period was filled with a lot of anxiety from the President, his Vice, staffs and the public.
  11. Much division was seen in the voting where no republican vote was cast.
  12. However the bill still passed with 216 votes from the Democrats only.
  13. The passing of the bill was the begging of change according to Obama.
  14. However, this would also ignite more resistance, from the opposition and the new Tea Party.
  15. The bill is viewed the object of division with the States because other bills were passed by both Republican and Democrats in the two houses.
  16. More also, the Tea Party became more active demonstrating against the bill.
  17. Tea Party leaders were against the bill claiming that it was an assault to the US and termed it as lie.
  18. Contrary to what President Obama had expected, Obamacare caused a lot of divisions politically within the states.
  19. The republicans continue to reject the bill even after it was passed holding campaigns against it.
  20. The Obamacare can be described as one of the major faults that Obama’s government made during his 8 years rule in the USA.

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