English Custom Paper “Two years are better than four.”

Two years are better than four.

I believe the community college system to be one of America’s uniquely great institutions and should be celebrated. For those who find it necessary to go to a two-year college, begins one University of Privilege admissions paragraph. None too subtle in its implication, but very true.

For some students, from many backgrounds, would never breathe the college experience if it were not for the community college.The philosophy of the community college, is one that unconditionally allows its students to begin believing in the understanding that anything and everything is possible. One analogy is that if you just follow any one of the 1,655 road signs, and pop your head inside and there you will find discoveries of a first independent film, thought and study

It was here that Mr. Perlstein will find his college years of self-discovery, and it was here he will find that college does still matter.“College as America used to understand it is coming to an end,” bemoans Rick Perlstein and his beatnik friend of fallen face.  It mattered so much to them that he never got over their four years at the University of Privilege. But when the curtain went up,they saw students working and studying and working some more.These days, at the University of Privilege, the student applies with a Curriculum Vitae not a book list.

However, for Mr. Perlstein, who was so rooted in his own nostalgia, was looking for himself, and he would never think to look for himself in the one place left where the college experience of self-discovery does still matter to those who get there.Thus, Mr. Perlstein concludes, the college experience, a rite of passage as it was meant it to be, must have come to an end.

The author gives out the point so well when she quoted Thomas Jefferson who once wrote, “Everybody should have an education proportional to their life.” And in his case, his life became proportional to his education. The community college system is America’s hidden public service gem. If he was a candidate for office, he would campaign from every campus. Not to score political points, but simply to make sure that anyone who is looking to go to college in this country knows where to find one.Mr.Perlstein might have been equally disturbed, with these statements.

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That is the understanding thatyou grow up a little bit with in your first English class, a bit more with your first psychology, biology, physics and chemistry class. That you may shoot through calculus, philosophy, or genetics. “College is the key,” a young African-American student writes for the umpteenth torturous revision of his college essay.

So, when Mr. Perlstein and friends say college no longer holds importance, they mourn for both the individual and society. Yet, arguably, the community college experience is more critical to the nationhowever it does not change the world. The community colleges of America cover this country college by college and community by community. They offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option to dream on how the future life should look like.

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