Criminology Custom Essay “Two Towns of Jasper”

Two Towns of Jasper is an investigative movie which shows the racial differences that are in a small town of Jasper in Texas. The movie entails investigations carried out to come up with clear information concerning the death of a black- American known as James Byrd Jr who was alleged to be brutally beaten and killed by three whites in the year 1998. A black and white film maker, collaborate in investigations to find out the cause of the death.

The two investigators were Marco Williams a black and Whitney Dow a white. Williams carried investigations among the black while Whitney carried investigations among the Whites and the investigations were secretly carried out without anyone realizing they were working on the same project. Both of them used different terminology to come up with the information required. Marco Williams spoke with the Blacks face to face to get more information on the hardships they face from the white who are brutal to them. In the other case, Whitney carried out interviews through a collection of questions to get White’s perspective towards the Blacks.

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The movie production was faced by a number of challenges one of them being lack of funds to support the movie production. They found the funder who would support the movie production while both of them were in the field digging up to come up with clear data about the death. The funds were not enough so the editing didn’t start immediately after the interviews. There were also differences between the directors where each had a different perspective concerning the film. This difference brought about crises which dragged the sponsorship of the film.


The research came up with two different views both from the Blacks and Whites. The Blacks claimed that the Whites were main cause of the race rivals that occur on the streets, but the Whites did not accept the claim. They support themselves saying that Blacks mainly brought much disaster in the street and they deserved such punishments to stop them. This is supported by a scenario where one of the White who was interviewed and said that James was a stubborn person in the community. And death of such people (especially the blacks) did not seem to be a big deal to them.

The article of East Saint Louis Race Riot shows a scene where fight a rose up between the Whites and Blacks American in the year 1917. It started after blacks were employed in companies that had government contracts, which was not a usual thing. The hatred between the two races brought up conflict which led to deaths of many. The Whites turned on Blacks through stubbing and hanging them. The Blacks also had to fight back to protect themselves and they killed 8 Whites. In relation to this article and the film of William, blacks are not the cause of the crimes on the streets. Anybody either black or white can be a source of disagreement among a group of people. On Whitney’ film in relation to this article, the differences are not only brought about by the race difference but also factors like dictatorship or hatred contribute.

The film protrudes the difference that is there between different races especially in whites and blacks. The hatred between different races has no value in the society all it brings about is differences that drags human beings behind in terms of unity and development. This difference has been there since back in the days of slave trading. People should respect different colors and work together as humans with the aim to bringing unity and change in the globe.



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