Character Analysis; A Raisin in the Sun: Walter Younger

Discussion Board 4

Walter displays that he wants for himself an opportunity to gather all the money he would ever need. He wants to gain the money and get the social status and be looked up by others. He compares himself to his white age-mates, who are making millions and have social status (Hansberry, 1567). He wants to achieve this through his business idea of setting up a liquor store. Walter wants to have money so he can provide the material necessities and luxuries for his family. He says that he wants to hang pearls on his wife’s neck (Hansberry, 1566). He also wants to provide for the needs of his son. After he gets the money, he displays that he would take care of his family when he takes his wife on a date and sets aside some of the money for Beneatha’s school fees.

At first, Walter seems to value his needs more than those of the family. He first wanted the Insurance check to himself for his business, not caring about the needs of his family. For example, when he questions Beneatha’s going to Medical school (Hansberry, 1516). He is even ready to take the bribe from Lindner for his needs (Hansberry 1566). After his mother takes the check and buys the house in a white neighborhood, Walter is frustrated and goes on a drinking spree for 3days (Hansberry, 1543). These first times showed that was he wanted wasn’t in line with what he wanted for his family. Towards the end of the play, he, however, changes his thoughts because when he received the money, he agrees to set aside three thousand dollars for Beneatha’s medical schooling (Hansberry 1547). He even takes his wife out on a date. Towards the end, we see that he turned around did as he wanted for his family.

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