Sociology ” global issue”

When we speak about peace, conflict, and violence from their definition we can say that we are looking into the social problems in the society as a whole, their causes and possible solutions. When we speak of peace alone, it means that we are talking about a state of society in which social problems do not exist. And when we are talking about conflict and violence, we talk about the different social problems and their causes.

Violence can be defined as the use of force or power physically, with the intention of causing injury. There are three different kinds of violence: Self-directed violence- which is violence against oneself (always associated with suicidal behavior and self-abuse), Collective violence- this is violence caused by groups of people or nations with the motive of a particular agenda or economic gain. And lastly, we have Interpersonal Violence- this kind of violence involves the use of power and control by one person over another. The violence can be done in the form of threats or actions which can be sexual, physical or emotional.

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Besides the definition, Peace is the absence of direct violence. Peace can also be viewed as a state of mind or serenity in some parts of the world mainly in the Asian countries. It can also be termed as a state of the law in a civil government with justice and a balance of power. Peace can also be said to be the vice versa of unending conflicts. It may also be narrowed down to distinct relations in an individual situation for example peace treaties, or it may be narrowed to or embracing, overlooking a society as a whole, for instance, the world peace.

With the lack of justice in society, there is the absence of peace. This is because when justice is not found, people will turn to fight for their rights possibly through violence acts. This happens in several parts of the world whereby a government fails to administer its people with justice, for example, the recent demonstrations in Egypt that saw the abolishment of existing governments through riots which resulted in violence and destruction of properties. In conclusion, justice is a fundamental tool for ensuring peace in every society.

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