Religion and Theology “The Ten Commandments”

The Ten Commandments

The Seventh Commandment “Do not steal.” People should work hard to get wealth in their lives. The commandment is against taking of property that does not belong to rightfully someone either by force or not. And the Eighth Commandment “Do not bear false witness.” The Commandment condemns the giving of false evidence and lying. The two Commandments emphasize two virtues integrity and honesty. When people live with integrity and honesty, they can do business easily. This is because there is trust with the absence of stealing through corruption and lying through bribes and so there is peace and justice. Integrity and honesty promote the economy and stability.

The Sixth Commandment and the Ninth Commandments both explicitly warn against immoral behaviors sexually. The sixth commandment is “Do not commit adultery” and the ninth “Do not covet your neighbor’s wife. With ought the two Commandments many families can severely be affected by the sin of adultery and fornication among other sexual sins which result in the separation of married couples and lowers the molarity in the society. Therefore the two Commandments are vital in our families to ensure that the family and the society as a whole do not break through these separations such as divorce.

Our culture is used to follow the Commandments with so much strictness that when someone was found guilty of the sin, he or she would feel a lot of shame. But with the modern world, very few people have the accountability of obeying the Commandments. Instead of discouraging all acts of sexual immorality there are numerous campaigns every day for safe sex, the safe way to have it and not get pregnant and also avoid being infected with STIs.

Our society today is so much exposed to sexual sin more than ever before I human history through the internet and the media. Counting from prostitution, sex slavery, rape, pornography and the rest which are grave breaches of the 6th and the 9th Commandments; people living against the nature against the nature in which they were created to live. When the sex is used to entertain through the media and the internet, it lures people into sexual sins adultery, fornication, rape or other. When we fall into the subjectivity of the sexual activities through the media, we lose our molarity, and the love and affection that is marriages are slowly killed.

The cardinal virtues are the four principal moral virtues that can be practiced by anyone; they are also referred to as the foundation of natural morality. There are four primary virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. Prudence is the most important virtue since it when applied it shows that a person has wisdom. And more so for one to apply other virtues you will most likely do it using prudence.

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Life is the most treasured gift that a human has from God, and the two Commandments 4th “Honor your father and mother,” and the 8th “Do not kill” teaches us to value it. First, we are told to appreciate life giving honor to those who have authority over us mostly our parents who bore us into this life. Secondly, we are warned against taking our own or fellow human’s life. God is the only giver of life, and so He is the one who should take it.

With ought the Ten Commandments it would be hard for us to know how God wants us to live in this life. We wouldn’t know the purpose that we were created for, the plans he has for us and how we are supposed to live with one another. The Commandments are the Constitution which contains the laws that govern our lives. The first three Commandments God shows us the purpose for which he created us which is to worship Him alone. In the fourth and fifth Commandments, he continues to show us that his purpose for creating us humans was so that we can live. And in the last five Commandments are focused on how we can live a better life with our neighbors. He commands us not to do the things that can break our relationships and teaches us how to maintain them. We do not steal, lie, and covet our neighbor’s property our society is at rest. God also commands us to live morally upright lives, in the 6th commandment and the 9th commandment whereby he warns about adultery and coveting of the neighbor’s wife.

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