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The Leiden Pilgrim church was started in the late1500s by people from England who objected the teachings of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. They believed that the churches had strayed away from the true Christ’s teachings, and had instead come up with religious rituals and hierarchies that were in accordance to the bible. The Pilgrims fled from England and settled in Holland where they were established in Leiden. In Leiden, they built a church which unlike the Catholic Church or other denominations didn’t bear any religious sign like the cross. This was because they didn’t want to commit the sin of idolatry. The church believed God had predestined the people who could be saved and those who could not before the creation of the world. The Pilgrims objected the Book of Common Prayer, and instead instituted that prayer has to be spontaneous not scripted.

Pilgrims faced a lot of challenges before and after they were established. First the king of England at that time King James 1 had ordered the arrest of those who refused to participate in church rituals. They were threatened with banishment and at the same time were prohibited from leaving the country. So they had to seek ways to flee where by both men women and children would be put to jail when caught. They also faced execution if found guilty of speaking or writing against the existing state denominations.

During the times they were escaping from England the Pilgrims had sad moments due to the challenges they faced, at one moment while attempting to escape by sea to Amsterdam, they were betrayed by the ship captain who had agreed to carry them across, and so they were caught and were put in prison. In a second attempt while they were led by a Dutch captain who fled on seeing the approach of troops, leaving behind women and children and a few men were stranded in a boat were captured and taken back to England though some managed to cross to Amsterdam amidst a great storm.

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The experience in the pilgrims was first difficult and sacrificial, in that, to be able to flee from England to Amsterdam they had to sell their possession which was a risk since when they were caught taken back to England they didn’t have away to bail themselves out. On the other hand, the way to their pilgrimage brought a new experience in their lives because they had the freedom to worship in their own ways. They no longer needed to follow after the traditions of the Roman Catholic and the Church of England.

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