Multimedia Literature Custom Paper


Multimedia Literature. Pursue a critical reading and evaluation of one or more of the hypertext and multimedia literary works we have explored (“The Museum” and any of the texts from the Electronic Literature Archive). You might also select a video game or other sort of digital text that you or others would argue is literary or at least readable, in addition to being playable. Based on the examples you have chosen and the criticism you have read, what is your critical assessment of these newer forms of mediated literature?  Do they work or fail as literature? Do they represent a form of innovation for reading and writing,  or is it, as Birkerts would put it, mere distraction and worse, destruction of self and soul? What ideas from Birkerts and other critics  inform your critical perspective and  elaborate your reading of these digital literary texts?

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The structure is most he care about. For Reading Material 2 is main reading for this essay, “Murray, introduction” and the link is for support the idea. my argument agrees with Birkerts that he dislike electronic, and he thinks it will make people do not want to think. And looking for the example or support in the attachment. It doses not have to be the very complex argument.

I attached first draft with prof’s comments in the end and 2 reading materials.

And here is the link of the other online material need be looked at:

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