Marketing “Organization Behavior”

No source need. Write your own ideas.

1. Depend on your major(international business) ask question and report your mentor?s(my uncle) answer (1 paragraph).
Write 1-2 paragraphs analyzing and assessing your mentor?s answer

2.  Topic: Tell me about a time you had to handle a conflict between two of your employees?  What steps did you take to resolve the conflict? This relates to the chapters on Conflict and Negotiation

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Yihan  Mai

Professor Kent D. Fairfield

MGMT 2600.51


Email Exchange #3

Tell me about a time you were able to use your position power or personal influence to persuade someone to do something.  What is the advantage of each (explain if the person is unclear)?

Every year we implement trainee program, I have to use my position power to persuade, or more precisely, push different department to support the program (there is half-year or one-year rotation phrase for each trainee before they finally settle in specific department). During this period, the trainee would take turns to work shortly in different department, while most of them are not able to undertake real responsibility. Thus some department would consider the program as a burden because they need to pay extra resource to teach and guide the inexperience trainees without direct feedback.

Pushing this program requires my position power rather than my personal influence. The number of related departments and people are too big. It’s impossible for me to talk to all of them in person-to-person to tell them the importance of the program. Every year when the program starts, I organized a conference with Human Resource, starting detailed requirements of the program. Apparently in this case, I’m using my position power to make sure the program could sustain. It’s more effective than personal influence when the job is wide-related.

As for personal influence, I suppose it’s useful in a small team or some other special situation. But I don’t usually use my personal influence.

Base on the test book that power is the ability to influence the behavior of others to get what you want. Looking forward the answer of the email exchange, my mentor truly understanding that once he need to complete an object, he must use his power in order to force others people to support him. Doing this can help the program keep running without any problems. People are forced to complete to order under this coercive power, because this is an order, no one can refuse it. By all mean, it is also known that the leader should have the strong mind in others head that he is the one who can be the leader to lead other to become successful. This is the difference between power and personal influence. When the size of group become bigger, the leader does not have time to communicate with each of the member. In order to complete the object, leaders must use their power to force others to do so. Personal influence can only help in a small group that help others to trust you. Using power is more effective than personal influence.

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