Executive summary on Coca-Cola Case Consumer attitudes

Executive summary on Coca-Cola Case Consumer attitudes


Coca-Cola is a company that deals with soft drinks beverages. It was however intended to be medicine but later became a drink in the 19th Century and the management of John Pemberton. It is a company based in Atlanta Georgia and often referred to as Coke. The drink is made from caffeine, coca leaves, and kola nuts but the formula is the company’s top secret. Concentrates are made centrally then distributed to the various authorized branches for bottling.

Problems and opportunities

Even though as a drink the company has dominated the market, the biggest problem is the change in trend. People have begun preferring other drinks such as coffee and energy drinks. Most Americans are shifting from the drink to consume products from star bucks and red bull. This is an opportunity in which the company saw a demand that was not fully supplied. The company was forced to a situation where they have to adapt to the trend hence either come with a new product or being faced out. Another challenge was in advertising the new brand that was to be resolved to.

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This problem had the company go back to the drawing board and rebranded itself. This time round the company came with a new product that was different from the classic coke. The company arrived at a solution of producing a beverage with coffee for the consumers with this preference. To resolve the issue of having to advertise the new drink, the company did not drop the name or form a new brand for the drink but retained the name. The new drink was called Coca-Cola Black.



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