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Project 3: Gender and Employee Output in Manufacturing Companies: A Case Study of Ford Motor Company

Gender has long been seen as a major aspect in determining employee productivity, especially in manufacturing companies. The reason for this is that companies in the industries such as manufacturing and construction are more labor-intensive than companies in industries such as hospitality and other service industries. Therefore, there is need to establish the role gender plays in employees productivity in manufacturing companies. To establish this, the following research questions where developed to act as a guide in the studying gender and employee output in manufacturing companies.

Research Questions

  1. Does Gender affect employee productivity in Manufacturing Companies?
  2. What is the productivity of Women compared to that Men in Manufacturing Companies?
  3. Do companies in Manufacturing hire more men than women?

Research Questions

Research Topic: Effects of Firm Ownership Formation on its Capital Formation and Productivity

Research Questions:

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  1. How do high levels of ownership affect debt financing levels?
  2. How do high levels of insider ownership affect debt financing levels?
  3. What is the relationship between high levels of insider ownership and firm productivity?



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