Origin and Early History of Universal Studios Research Paper Status Report

Origin and Early History of Universal Studios Research Paper Status Report

  1. Title of the research project

The Research paper’s title is “Origin and Early History of Universal Studios”.  The title summarizes what the research paper is about; focusing on that is the realization of the idea of forming worlds Entertainment Company.

  1. Summary Outlining the Focus of the Project

The research paper is focusing on the Origin of the Universal Studios. First, it is identifying how Carl Laemie first implemented the idea of forming the world a global entertainment company. Second, the business and strategic techniques used by Carl Laemie to incept Universal Studios. This further focuses on, the business development of ideas, getting necessary resources to finance the ideas and making them come true and balancing of cash flow to ensure the operation of the company was sustainable. Third, ways of raising capital for expansion of Universal Company and marketing techniques for making the Universal Studios populous among the residents of the United States of America and the whole world in General. Fourth, challenges that Universal Studios encountered in the early history of growing the company and the business techniques used to overcome them.

  1. List of Sources

Since this research paper is analyzing a past event. The paper uses secondary sources. Which include:

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood website: URL: http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/auditions/about-universal/
  2. Cooper, M. G. (2010). Universal women: filmmaking and institutional change in early Hollywood. Urbana: University of Illinois Press.
  3. Dick, B. F. (1997). City of dreams: the making and remaking of Universal Pictures. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky.
  4. Hirshhorn, C. (2001). The Universal Story: The Complete History of the Studio and All Its Films. Hamlyn Publishers.
  5. Sandler, C. (2000). Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World and Other Major Central Florida Attractions. Lincolnwood: Contemporary; St. Albans.To get assistance on this or any other related assignment, Click here for professional help.. 


  1. Statement of Progress

The most crucial part of obtaining information concerning the origin of Universal Studio has been achieved. The following items have already been accomplished.

  1. Identifying the appropriate title for the research project
  2. Identifying the business related variables that will be used to analyze the origin and history of Universal Studios.
  3. Writing the thesis and developing the literature review of the research project
  1. Problems Encountered

Since the research paper relies mostly on past event, getting comprehensive books that contain the specific earlier events of Universal Studios was an uphill task. Furthermore, trying to obtain the financial statement of the company during its operation while it was incepted has not been successful since the company considers such documents confidential.

  1. Outline of the Final Report

The Final Report will follow the format below

  1. Introduction
    1. Title
    2. Thesis statement
  1. Significance of the study
  1. Literature Review
  2. Finding of the study
  3. Conclusion
  4. Recommendations and Suggestions

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