Music Custom Paper – Biographical Information “Bon Jovi – It is my life”

Artist I choose: Bon Jovi  

Song I choose: “It is my life”


Here are the requirements details:


Section II. Biographical Information and Online Sources – 30 points Due Monday, March 28

A. In your own words write a brief biography (bio) about the band, or artist you selected in Research Section I.

Using online sources, find the information for each of the points listed below to include in your bio.

Your bio should be no fewer than 300 words, but a maximum of 400 words to replicate what could appear in a magazine article.

Please note: Although spelling and grammar are not the focus of this assignment, poor attention to your writing may result in a lower grade. 

1. Include the name of your chosen band, or artist? (1)

2. (a) What country, (b) state, and (c) city/town is the band / artist from? (3)

3. List (a) the official members of the band and (b) the instrument they each play? (2)

4. What year did your band, or artist form as a musical entity? (1)

5. Provide a general overview of your band / artist. (4)

6. What was/is (a) the most popular period for your band / artist? And (b) why? (2)

7. Provide career hi-lights and details of select best charting single(s) or album(s). (4)

8. Provide an anecdote (i.e: not common knowledge) about your band / artist. (3)

9. In one to two sentences explain why you chose this band, or artist to research. (5)

B. You need to use at least two separate online sources for this part of the assignment.

C. It is important when you are researching information on the Internet that you use credible sources. Although, hard copy books and journals usually provide you with the most reliable information, for this assignment, I want you to find and use credible online sources. How do you determine if a website is credible?1

1. Evaluate your Internet sources!

2. Never use Web sites where an author cannot be determined, unless the site is associated with a reputable institution such as a respected university, a credible media outlet, government program or department, or well-known nongovernmental organizations.

3. Beware of using sites like Wikipedia, which are collaboratively developed by users. Because anyone can add or change content, the validity of information on such sites generally do not meet the standards for academic research.

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D. Using Refworks, on the UNLV Libraries website, create a bibliography* for all of the sources you used to locate the information in this part of the project. (5) *The style of the bibliography (Chicago, MLA, APA etc.) is up to you.

and 1 From the Purdue OWL: – this is an excellent resource for

style, grammar and general tips with academic writing.

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