Hospitality Custom Paper – “the Problem of Gambling Addictions”

Reconciling the Problem of Gambling Addictions and the fact that Gaming Entertainment Business Provides Gambling Services for Profit

Various debates whether physical or online have argued the issue of gambling and whether the problems associated with the gaming activity outweigh the economic benefits associated with gambling. As such, the question of whether gambling should be legalized or illegalized is often answered with mixed reactions. This fact is because as much as gambling may be a drug-like activity that may be very addictive, it leads to very significant economic growth rates. Studies have shown that most be people who gamble do it for fun or as a recreational activity therefore only a small percentage get addicted. However, the small proportion of individuals who get addicted is still significant and cannot be ignored. Nonetheless, the problems that emanate from gambling are reconcilable with the various benefits that result from gambling.

A gambler may suffer an impulse-control disorder that emanates from compulsive gambling. Compulsive gambling refers to a gambling addiction, where the gambler has no control of their gambling behavior. Impulsive control disorder, therefore, means that the gambler loses the ability to control the impulse to gamble. A gambler suffering from impulse- control disorder tends to gamble regardless of anything. Nothing may stop their desire to gamble, whether they are happy or depressed, broke or flush. This condition may be very detrimental to the life of the gambler and the life of their loved ones.

            Problem gambling may seriously affect and disrupt the lives of the gamblers. Problem gambling refers to whatever gambling tendency that disrupts one’s life. Gambling may result to health complications especially mental health complications such as depression and anti-social personality disorders. In addition to that, studies reveal that two out of three gambling addicts will engage in illegal acts to pay for their gambling debt. It ruins the relationships of the gambler and his or her close family or friend. Moreover, gambling may cause financial wreckage.Gamblers tend to go to extreme measures to get money to gamble.

However, as much as gambling may result to addictive tendencies, gambling results too much profit and hence influence much economic development. Revenues collected by governments from gambling activities are used to support public services. A good example would be the growth in Las Vegas. Research shows that gambling has enabled Las Vegas to have the fastest growing economy in the nation. The establishment of Casinos influences money to be spent on development of infrastructure which leads to many economic benefits. Nevertheless, gambling fosters the growth of tourism. Gambling is associated more with tourist more than the locals of a place.The purpose for this is because it is a recreational activity that appeals more to tourists. In the long run, this benefit helps to curb problems such as poverty. A good example of casinos that have contributed to alleviating poverty and social problems are Atlantic City and New Jersey.

Gambling creates very many job opportunities. The jobs that result from gambling are not only casino jobs but also, more jobs develop in the hotel and tourism industries. Research shows that 60% of employment in Las Vegas result from gambling.  As such, gambling can lead to the growth in the gross domestic product of a country and, therefore, cause a rise in the economy of a country. As much as gambling creates societal problems, unemployment and poverty create more societal problems than gambling. However, such problems related to poverty and unemployment could be curbed by gambling. Nonetheless, the growth of gambling in the gaming industry will necessitate the growth of other industries such as hotel, food and tourism thus influencing the creation of employment.

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In conclusion, it is evident that the benefits that result from gambling override the problems that stem from the gaming activity. Issues of addiction to gambling are very dismal since most gamblers do it for fun and as part of their recreation activity. Hence, legalization of the activity in places where it is illegal could lead to diverse economic and social developments.

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