Fashion History Custom Paper

Assingment 1–Please select a designer or style icon known for their gender-bending fashion and explore their personal and professional histories and fashion history impact in more detail. Here are some names for your consideration: designers Rudi Gernreich, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Rad Hourani; models Grace Jones, André J., and Andrej Pejic; and artists Boy George and Cindy Sherman. You may also explore the rich history of gender-bending in film and television.


Asssignment 2–Please review the latest collections presented at New York Fashion Week and note any gender-bending elements. How do they relate to the trends and histories highlighted in this module? What did fashion critics have to say about them? What do you personally think about them?

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  • Assingment 3- Short Answer
  • Why do you think so many artists choose teaching as a profession?
  • Why do you think some gain more gratification as a teacher than as an artist?

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