Fashion History Custom Paper “Gender-Blending Fashion”

Assignment 1: Designer Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani, 33 years old, is one of the leading artists in the gender-bending fashion category. Born in 1982, in Montreal Canada, his father was Jordanian-Canadian, and his mother was Syrian. He was introduced to fashion at a very tender age though he says that it was in him. While he was little, he used to go shopping with his mother and identified the clothing that his mother liked though he was not familiar with the different fabrics that were available. One day his father bought him a camera, and this was his first step in photography.

At sixteen years they moved to Paris where he completed his high school education at the age of eighteen. At nineteen he became a model scout and a year later became a stylist which he would do for the next four years before his eyes opened to the different aspects such as country, religion, gender, age and race that affect fashion (Eismann, 2015).

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When they moved to France, he started sketching collections and showed a friend, she was amazed and introduced him to a friend who had a gallery. They loved it and signed him.

Gender-bending is not only found in the fashion industry but has also been observed in the film and television industry from the 1960’s when the identity politics were on the rise. Some of the examples of the earliest work that involved gender-bending roles include; ‘some like it hot’ 1959, ‘Victor/Victoria’ 1982 and ‘The X-files’ which premiered in 1994 on the Fox network. ‘the Danish Girl’ which featured Eddie Redmayne as Einar Wegener

Assignment 2: New York Fashion Week

From the latest New York fashion week, there were several gender bending collections which made the top ten fall of 2016. These include collections from ‘Hood By Air’ ready to wear collection, Eckhaus Latta and some of the collections from ‘Rag & Bone’ This is evidence that gender bending collections are slowly being realized by consumers and are being embraced by the society in comparison to the earlier days. In the earlier days, they were perceived as fashion for the transsexual and outcasts in the society.

According to some critics, some aesthetics were almost extra-gender bordering sexless. They also questioned whether the designers were interested in building brands that will last. Personally, the gender-bending fashions that were displayed at the New York Fashion Week were interesting. Clinching most of the top ten spots proves that there has been tremendous growth in the gender-bending fashion industry.

Assignment 3

Why so many artists choose teaching as a profession

Teaching can is a form of learning in art. While teaching one may realize what he didn’t know before. It opens opportunities of trying something different while learning at the same time. Artists also want to be remembered and leave a legacy or someone who will carry on their vision. Teaching also gives the opportunity to meet new people and personalities. Teaching also gives a sense of achievement once the apprentice executes the artist’s desire.

Why some artists gain more gratification as teacher than as artists

This could be mainly because while teaching; their conscience is cleared of the fact that they are giving back to society.

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Eismann, S. (2015). Cyborg In Der Wildnis. Posthumane Mode. POP4(2), 48-55.

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