English – Short Story “A Wedding Gone Sour”

A Wedding Gone Sour

The sweet sun setting slowly beyond the Skyline of Miami shone with vigor as its beautiful rays penetrated the crystal clear window of Victoria’s bedroom. She was as busy as a bee getting ready for her wedding which was to commence in an hours’ time. Her white dress was well tailored to fit her voluptuous body. Sheila, her bride’s maid who was helping her prepare for the D- day put her best foot forward to ensure that the bride would be ready by the time her groom arrived. Michael, Victoria’s fiancé, had promised to get at the Victoria’s home ground just in time for their wedding. The venue had decorations of crimson flowers and snow white ribbons. It was a site to behold. It was heavenly. The entire invited guest had arrived and were exchanging warm pleasantries. The hubbub of conversation ensued as everyone was as eager to witness Victoria and Michael say the words, “I do.”

It was at 6.00pm in the evening. Everyone had already taken to their seats, and the priest was all ready to commence the ceremony. Victoria awaited Michael’s arrival so that she could finally walk down the aisle. This event was something she had dreamt about all her life and could not believe that her dream was to come true. Sheila being her best friend could not hide the joy had for her. Tears of joy gushed down her flabby cheeks although she repeatedly blinked to hold them back. Michael was becoming late, and Victoria was growing impatient. “I don’t know why it is taking Michael this long, he knows we were supposed to start thirty minutes ago,” she said worryingly. “Let me call him and enquire where he is,” Sheila said. They tried to call Michael via his mobile phone was not going through.

            Victoria was impatient. They had decided to call Michael three times, but his phone was not going through. Adam, who was Michael’s best man, was also unavailable. His phone was also switched off. This occurrence was a bad omen. The thought that Michael could have stood her up on their wedding day made Victoria cry uncontrollably. Sheila tried to calm her down all in vain. She promised to be there for her through thick and thin. Her parents were pacing up and down the room in disbelieve. They did not understand why such misfortunes had to bedevil them on such a day. Three hours had elapsed, and there was no information on what had happened to Michael. Victoria was remorseful. She requested her parents to call off the wedding as she drowned herself in tears.

Just as her mother was going to call off the wedding and apologize to the guest, they heard a phone call from Victoria’s phone. Without splitting hairs, Sheila swiftly picked the phone to respond to the phone call. The caller said that she was a nurse and was calling from Baptist Hospital of Miami. Michael and Adam were involved in an unfortunate road accident and were injured. They had been rushed to the hospital and were receiving treatment. Sheila stood rooted to the ground not knowing how to break the bad news. In a shrilled voice, she said, “That was Baptist Hospital of Miami, they stated that Michael and Adam are in the hospital after being involved in an unfortunate accident.” Victoria was perplexed. In a jiffy, Sheila, Victoria, and her parents dashed out of the house and drove off to the hospital to see Michael and Adam.

On arrival at the hospital, they were directed to Michael and Adam’s hospital ward. Victoria gave Adam a warm embrace with her hands wide open. She felt so sorry for doubting her fiancé and for thinking that he had stood her up at their wedding. “I am so sorry, my love,” she said as she broke down into tears.

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Adam reassured her that all would be well, and their wedding would still happen. Michael and Adam had survived the accident and had sustained a few injuries. The doctors assured them that they would discharge Adam and Michael after a few hours. As they waited for Adam and Michael to be released, Victoria told Sheila and her mom that the event that had occurred that day served as a lesson to her that is wrong to jump to conclusions.






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