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Project Proposal


The research aims at exploring the artistic work of Bob Marley and the enormous influence on the subject area of cultural identity as discussed in class. Being one of the greatest musical legend in the entire universe, the works of Marley had a great significance in the culture of various individuals in the world especially in Jamaica. He made significant contributions towards the spread of ‘Rastafari” via his music. The research will seek to analyze the impact Bob Marley’s songs had to the growth of ‘Rastafari” as a religion and a way of life or culture.

The reason for the choice of Bob Marley as subject of Research

The research is inclined to analyze Bob Marley due to numerous reasons. To begin with, Bob Marley still has an uncanny presence in the society today, and his personality has become immortal. These facts suggest that he is a relevant character in the lives of many in the modern day society. In addition to that, ‘Rastafari’ culture which he developed had a great impact on Jamaican culture and is very present among many Jamaicans till today. “Rastafari’ culture influences the way of life of many people, not only in Jamaica but also in various countries worldwide. The ways of life advocated for in the Rastafari culture are still in practice today. For example, the Rastafari dressing style, dreadlocks and their importance in the culture, use of

‘Ganja’ among others. Since some people still practice the culture of Rastafari, it will be easier for the research to acquire accurate and reliable information.

Decision criteria for the choice of Bob Marley

Bob Marley work in music had immense importance in the spread of Rastafari culture across the world and Jamaica. Nonetheless, the culture has remained relevant to the people of Jamaica in the modern times, years after the death of Bob Marley. For instance, the antagonism that exists between the ‘Rastas’ and Non-rastas’ in Jamaica is an area of interest of the research. Because some people still identify with the Rastafarian culture all over the world; this justifies the interest in Bob Marley as the individual the research aims to study.

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