Communication Audit – Presentation Custom Paper

What are the communication challenges within an organization? How does an organization overcome the challenge and improve communication?

You will:

      • Analyze and synthesize the results of the data from the communication audit.
      • Based on the data, identify one main communication challenge within an organization of your choice
      • Create and deliver a presentation that provides results and suggestions for improvement based on the data obtained from the audit and the literature on organizational communication


Assume you are the Director of Human Resources at your chosen organization. You are tasked with conducting a communication audit and then presenting the results to leadership. Your goal in conducting the communication audit is to identify three communication challenges within an organization. You will complete the following tasks:

Conduct a communication audit using the Communication Audit Survey located in course content.  In order to get good results, you should survey a minimum of 8 to 10 people.

You may print out the survey or you may put it online, for example, on SurveyMonkey or Google Form

This survey asks questions about 5 different areas: Receiving Information from others, Sending Information to others, Sources of information, Timeliness of information, and Channels of communication. 

Within these 5 themes of organizational communication, identify the major issues in your organization’s communication, based on the responses.

Then research the scholarly literature for recommendations on how the organization can address these issues.


Communicate the results of the Communication Audit through a presentation, using APA format.  Include a title slide with your project title (e.g., “Communication Audit”), the organization’s name, your name, class, instructor and date.

Present an introduction describing your research methodology providing details of the survey administration, response rate, and characteristics of the survey population. Clearly present a narrative to describe the data using appropriate tables, charts and graphs. Include a detailed analysis followed by findings. Identify the top three communication challenges from your survey, and present your recommendations to strengthen these communication challenges, based on the scholarly literature.

You should have an appendix with the scores and results of the survey.

Your presentation should be professional and creative. You may add audio and/or visual elements on the slides. Text should be proper size for viewing during a presentation. Your presentation will need title and citation slides. You must have a minimum of 3 reliable sources in your citations. Use APA format for your citations. Don’t forget to check your spelling! As a friendly reminder, all words must be yours and your own typing. You may not copy text directly from a source.

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** Review the rubric for grading criteria before you begin working on this assignment**

Collecting and Analyzing the Data from Your survey

Here is an example of a chart with the responses from 8 participants. Note that I have color coded the questions to make it easier for you to identify which area of communication these questions address:


1- 26 Receiving Information from Others

27- 40 Sending Information to Others

41- 50 Follow up on Information Sent

51 – 68 Sources of Information

69 – 74 Timeliness

107 – 122 Channels of Information


If you look at the average score for each item, you will be able to tell where the organization scored low.

For example, note that in the first section (Receiving Information from Others) several items were scored very low, including # 9, # 11 and # 13.

What does that mean?

If we look at those questions, they are asking about:

9) the amount of information I receive about technology

11) mistakes and failures of my organization

13) how I am being judged

Thus, I can say that this organization seems to have some gaps in the first area – Receiving Communication from Others – and specifically participants seem to note that they do not receive enough information about technological changes, mistakes the organization makes, and how they are being evaluated.

My second step would be to go to the literature and see what can we do about this? What are some suggestions to specifically improve these areas? I would give recommendations USING SCHOLARLY SOURCES.

What are two other areas that scored low? Remember that for this assignment you need to identify THREE areas of concern, as shown by the data, and then give recommendations.

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