Biographical Information and Online Sources: Bon Jovi


Biographical Information and Online Sources: Bon Jovi

The name of the band in question is Bon Jovi. The name of the Band originated from the name of the lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is a United States of America band from Sayreville, New Jersey. This fact justifies the fact that its charity outreach began in New Jersey. Bon Jovi’s charity outreach most likely began, and has continued in their home state of New Jersey.(Olson 116)

            The band has four official members. Each of the official members has different instruments which they play. Jon Bon Jovi, who is the lead singer of the band, does the lead vocals for the band, rhythm guitar as well as the acoustic guitar. David Bryan, who is also a member of the band, plays the keyboard, the piano and does the backing vocals. Tico Torres plays the drums as well as the percussion. The official members were members for the year of its formation in 1983. Margaret confirms this fact in her book when she writes, “….what irrelevant in the light of the fact that a band formed in 1983 was the top touring act in the world in 2008.”(Olson 117)

Bon Jovi is a commercial hard rock band that has 13 studio albums and two live albums. The discography of the band spans for a duration of about 30years. That is enough time for two generations of fans to form a relationship with the band and their musical output.(Olson 68). Their first album ‘Bon Jovi’ was released in 1984 while the second one 7800º Fahrenheit in 1985. The band released their first ever live album in 2001. The most popular period of Bon Jovi must be the release of Cross Roads album whose first single was Bon Jovi’s highest selling single. It was top ten of BillboardHot 100 for six months.

‘It is my life,’ was the band’s most successful song release since it introduced the band to a younger fan base and became a firms’ live favorite. More so, the song earned them two Grammy nominations. One anecdote about the band is that their fourth album was the first rock album released in the pre-Glasnost U.S.S.R. Till today, the band has won 21 awards and has received 67 nominations, and this fact forms the basis for the selection of the band for study.

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