Poultry Industry in USA Custom Assignment

Select a specific consumer product, one that you have a personal interest in.
-Briefly mention its history, production, usage
– Go into detail about
Impacts from raw material extraction through the entire product cycle:
-on the local area, environmental damages, wildlife, water, air ,local workers
-the production, global issues, manufacturing to distribution issues
-consumer health (false advertising, PR, corporate lobbying)
– post production and post-consumer waste

-Mention the politics behind the industry, lobbying efforts
-the companies PR, how it portrays itself to the public

-consumer role in driving market – how can YOU help, let others know, push companies to do the RIGHT thing
-existing organizations advocating for change to this industry
-examples of a company that is a model and one that is causing injustices
-include any current legislature or policy changes that relates to this industry
under the current administration (auto, solar, big ag, organics, etc. all had recent changes or current legislature for de-regulation)
-how WE, as a movement can change products, policies
-indicate ways that we can consume LESS and alternative to the product
-mention relationship to COVID19 (pandemics, zoonosis in general – all agriculture, deforestation linked, animal farming industries, shipping have major links to zoonosis)

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