Origin and Early History of the Universal Studios.

Origin and Early History of the Universal Studios.

  1. The title of the Project.

The title of these research paper is a comprehensive and detailed statement of the subject matter that this research seeks to address. The research is titled, “Origin and Early History of the Universal Studios.” These decision to have these as the title of the paper originates from the fact that the project aims at addressing particular business- related issues concerning the universal studios’ origin and its early history. In addition to that, the topic effectively helps the research paper to address the crucial objectives of the project and diverse issues that emerge from the research on one of the world’s largest and most renowned entertainment company- the Universal Studios.

  1. Outline of the Project

The fundamental or principle focus of these paper is to examine critically the business and economic aspects relating to the origin and early history of Universal Studios. First and foremost, the document identifies that there are critical financial issues that are of concern when research on the origin and early history of universal studios. It looks at how capital to establish the institution has grown over the years. Because there are various ways of raising capital such as the acquisition of loans from financial institutions, leasing and renting of property, donation and issue of shares to others, the paper establishes the ways in which Carl Laemie and others founders of Universal Studios raised capital to finance the establishment of the institution.

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In addition to that, the research project paper also analyzes the financial records of Universal Studios. It takes a detailed analysis of the trends in income generation of the studio. Moreover, the paper presents the early statements of financial position and statements of the financial performance of Universal Studio. This action is with an aim to analyze the patterns and trends of income generation of the studio so as to draw informed conclusions about the reasons as to why the establishment remains financially stable over the years. The projects also identify the cost involved in acquiring the required resources to run the studio. Also, it identifies how the management of the studio applied financial management knowledge to reduce the cost of investment and production while maximizing on revenue generation.

Marketing Strategies used by the studio are a key factor taken into account by the research paper. As it is a globally recognized entertainment company, Universal Studios marketing structure is one to take note. The paper intensively discusses the marketing mix adopted by the organization. The paper establishes the strong marketing techniques used by Universal Studios from the time of its conception up to now. It evaluates how much investment the company put into marketing their products and services. Moreover, accessing and establishing itself in the market as successfully as it did suggest that the marketing approach was strong. Thus, the paper identifies the successful marketing approach deployed by the company and evaluates how it led to their current position in the global entertainment industry.

The paper also establishes the technical issues involved in making universal studios a world-class destination for visitors from all around the globe. Such issues include the opening of various production units, such as the initiation of a production unit in Germany in the year 1926. Moreover, the paper looks at the productivity of the studio and other units established. In addition to that, the adaptation of the studio to the ever changing levels of technology and the implementation of such technology into its operation. The paper also takes into account the various policies that were fundamental in shaping the organization structure and business culture of the Universal studio deeply enrooted in its operations.

Focus is also drawn to the economic impact the Universal studio the studio influenced especially to Central Florida and the economy of the United States of America as well as to the economies of the countries where it established its units. The examination took into account ways in which universal spent the money and its tourists- leads to other expenditure. The methodology is relying on so-called- multipliers, is so common for research. Nonetheless, the research highlight major criticism leveled against that method. The research shows records of the money several studies demonstrate that the company has pumped into the economy from its early years to around 1988. The paper also explores the issue of employment created by Universal Studios and its effect on the economy of Central Florida.

  1. Sources used for the research.

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  1. Statement of Progress.

The research paper is halfway complete. Fifty percent of the work is complete. The most crucial information about the subject matter documented, and content analysis done. This progress suggests that the critical workload for the research is already complete. In detail, the following has been accomplished as at now:

  • Formulation of an appropriate research area (topic) for the project.
  • Information gathering and documentation of the relevant content required for the research paper.
  • Accumulation of resource materials necessary for writing up the research paper.
  • Determination of an appropriate thesis and a completely developed literature review for the research project on Universal Studios.
  • Determination of the major economic and business factors that are relevant to the origin and early years of the Universal Studios.


  1. Problems encountered in the research.

Although the research was quite successful, several challenges were faced in the process of data collection of the research. The basis of the research on the topic involved are events that happened quite some time ago. Most of the information available are quite inadequate and outdated. During the formation years of Universal Studio, also known as Universal Pictures, there was no proper record keeping and documentation as it is in modern times. Thus, much information which could be very fundamental to these research remained undocumented. In addition to that, most of the documented information are poorly recorded and, therefore, is not as reliable as would be necessary.

Some information which formed the basis for this research is quite confidential. For instance, information regarding financial records kept by the organization is quite a classified information and retrieving such information was not easy. Most companies do not disclose their financial statements on demand to anybody. Thus, acquisition of such information was a challenge and took much time.

Moreover, the research was time-consuming since information for the past was had to retrieve, interpret and analyze. Thus, more time was spent on data collection as opposed to research paper preparation. Nonetheless, due to the scarce availability of records of the past, the collection of these resources was tedious and time-consuming too.

  1. Outline of the Final Report.

On completion the final report will have the following format:

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  1. Introduction
  • The Title Page
  • Authentic certificate
  • The Thesis Statement
  • Statement of Research Objectives
  1. Literature Review
  2. Findings
  3. Conclusion
  4. Recommendation and Suggestions

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