Music Reflection Essay

Music Reflective Essay

Soldiers is a song by otherwise that pays tribute to more so the soldiers but every other person in the country who works every day to grow the country. It was played during my graduation for basic training. It speaks of the life of the battlefield as they allow other Americans to live a life of happiness.  While it reminds of the harness that comes within the battle filed on different levels, it also speaks of the good that comes with the job such as the brotherhoods, the purpose and the joy of dying for the country. The song hit different during my basic training graduation, as it was both an end of one stage in service and the beginning of another phase.

Knowing very well the dangers that the battlefield poses and the ultimate sacrifice of death, the lyrics caught my attention with the way they encouraged me to fight on. Otherwise sang, “it is time to strap our boots on, this is the perfect time to die, wipe the blood off our eyes, in this life, there is no surrender, there is nothing left for us to do, find the strength to see this through, we are the ones who will never be broken, with our final breath, we will fight to the death.” It put a different perspective on death altogether. While death has no appeal, this time it sounded like the biggest sacrifice for us at the field. One would, therefore, get the urge never to surrender, depending on the circumstance, the only thing to do was to wipe the blood and move on as nothing happened. This is possibly the other point why people go for basic training. The exercises were tough, there is a lot of screaming and chores and none cares about tiring of the conditions around. It was all about finishing the task; and that is what the military is about, going until the end.

The chant,” whoa whoa, we are soldiers.” Chants are another feature used to psych up people on various forms of group activities and even sports. The same effect is also used within the song to bring out that effect. At this point in the song, all the grandaunts came in to chant together showing the psych and togetherness in future deployments. The song also had a point where all the soldiers had to make their battle cry and here also all the soldiers came in with their different shouts to show the motivation they have for the jobs. These three features served as an encouragement for the soldier, not just for the training but also for the war.

The song also brought about the senesce of togetherness with all of the mother military buddies during the training.  The song starts off with, “We stand shoulder to shoulder” showing the march, parade and the togetherness even on the battlefield. Otherwise also speaks of standing beside each other within the song. Knowing all the good, the bad, and the ugly that comes with life in service, it is great to realize that you will also have friends all through the way. We had come a long way during the basic training and the buddies were there all along for every moment; these lyrics, therefore, brought a great feeling of celebration for we had made it to the end. As we, all sang and danced to it, it brought a feeling of unending brotherhood which would come in handy a lot within the entire service and even after it.

The song also severed more purpose than just justifying the life of a soldier. There are people in everyday life fighting many more battles in their lives and standing up against many other things that they believe in. The song was also a call for them to stand up together as one people, fight for their rights and not give up on their dreams. This was the part of the lyrics that made a significant impact on my life. I feel that the song is a great encourager and I listen to it up to today when going through the other challenges in life.  It is always great to have a constant reminder that you are strong, you can fight until the end and that you are not alone. These are the psych points needed for any type of struggle be it in the military, job sector, school, and even personal circumstances.

My basic training is one of the indelible components of my lifetime. When joining, my expectations did not match my experiences.  I was shocked to find out that the drill was much about cleaning, marching, exercising and then doing it all over again.  I could not wrap my head around it; it seemed pointless. However, by the end of the training, I had found the logic to all of that. The aim of the training was to ensure we did things to 100%, accomplish every task at hand regardless of the prevailing conditions, to always put the mission first and to be ready for life and death. All these points were driven hard into my skull day by day and by the time I was at my graduation it was all elation, spirits were high and I was feeling that kind of life to the fullest.  Therefore, when the song, Soldiers by otherwise, played on a fateful day at the graduation, it had a cheering effect in crowning all that I had done and preparing me for what was to come.


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