Fashion History Custom Paper “Gender-Blending Fashion”

Assignment 1: Designer Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani, 33 years old, is one of the leading artists in the gender-bending fashion category. Born in 1982, in Montreal Canada, his father was Jordanian-Canadian, and his mother was Syrian. He was introduced to fashion at a very tender age though he says that it was in him. While he was little, he used to go shopping with his mother and identified the clothing that his mother liked though he was not familiar with the different fabrics that were available. One day his father bought him a camera, and this was his first step in photography.

At sixteen years they moved to Paris where he completed his high school education at the age of eighteen. At nineteen he became a model scout and a year later became a stylist which he would do for the next four years before his eyes opened to the different aspects such as country, religion, gender, age and race that affect fashion (Eismann, 2015).

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When they moved to France, he started sketching collections and showed a friend, she was amazed and introduced him to a friend who had a gallery. They loved it and signed him.

Gender-bending is not only found in the fashion industry but has also been observed in the film and television industry from the 1960’s when the identity politics were on the rise. Some of the examples of the earliest work that involved gender-bending roles include; ‘some like it hot’ 1959, ‘Victor/Victoria’ 1982 and ‘The X-files’ which premiered in 1994 on the Fox network. ‘the Danish Girl’ which featured Eddie Redmayne as Einar Wegener

Assignment 2: New York Fashion Week

From the latest New York fashion week, there were several gender bending collections which made the top ten fall of 2016. These include collections from ‘Hood By Air’ ready to wear collection, Eckhaus Latta and some of the collections from ‘Rag & Bone’ This is evidence that gender bending collections are slowly being realized by consumers and are being embraced by the society in comparison to the earlier days. In the earlier days, they were perceived as fashion for the transsexual and outcasts in the society.

According to some critics, some aesthetics were almost extra-gender bordering sexless. They also questioned whether the designers were interested in building brands that will last. Personally, the gender-bending fashions that were displayed at the New York Fashion Week were interesting. Clinching most of the top ten spots proves that there has been tremendous growth in the gender-bending fashion industry.

Assignment 3

Why so many artists choose teaching as a profession

Teaching can is a form of learning in art. While teaching one may realize what he didn’t know before. It opens opportunities of trying something different while learning at the same time. Artists also want to be remembered and leave a legacy or someone who will carry on their vision. Teaching also gives the opportunity to meet new people and personalities. Teaching also gives a sense of achievement once the apprentice executes the artist’s desire.

Why some artists gain more gratification as teacher than as artists

This could be mainly because while teaching; their conscience is cleared of the fact that they are giving back to society.

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Eismann, S. (2015). Cyborg In Der Wildnis. Posthumane Mode. POP4(2), 48-55.

Fashion History Custom Paper

Assingment 1–Please select a designer or style icon known for their gender-bending fashion and explore their personal and professional histories and fashion history impact in more detail. Here are some names for your consideration: designers Rudi Gernreich, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Rad Hourani; models Grace Jones, André J., and Andrej Pejic; and artists Boy George and Cindy Sherman. You may also explore the rich history of gender-bending in film and television.


Asssignment 2–Please review the latest collections presented at New York Fashion Week and note any gender-bending elements. How do they relate to the trends and histories highlighted in this module? What did fashion critics have to say about them? What do you personally think about them?

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  • Assingment 3- Short Answer
  • Why do you think so many artists choose teaching as a profession?
  • Why do you think some gain more gratification as a teacher than as an artist?

English – Short Story “A Wedding Gone Sour”

A Wedding Gone Sour

The sweet sun setting slowly beyond the Skyline of Miami shone with vigor as its beautiful rays penetrated the crystal clear window of Victoria’s bedroom. She was as busy as a bee getting ready for her wedding which was to commence in an hours’ time. Her white dress was well tailored to fit her voluptuous body. Sheila, her bride’s maid who was helping her prepare for the D- day put her best foot forward to ensure that the bride would be ready by the time her groom arrived. Michael, Victoria’s fiancé, had promised to get at the Victoria’s home ground just in time for their wedding. The venue had decorations of crimson flowers and snow white ribbons. It was a site to behold. It was heavenly. The entire invited guest had arrived and were exchanging warm pleasantries. The hubbub of conversation ensued as everyone was as eager to witness Victoria and Michael say the words, “I do.”

It was at 6.00pm in the evening. Everyone had already taken to their seats, and the priest was all ready to commence the ceremony. Victoria awaited Michael’s arrival so that she could finally walk down the aisle. This event was something she had dreamt about all her life and could not believe that her dream was to come true. Sheila being her best friend could not hide the joy had for her. Tears of joy gushed down her flabby cheeks although she repeatedly blinked to hold them back. Michael was becoming late, and Victoria was growing impatient. “I don’t know why it is taking Michael this long, he knows we were supposed to start thirty minutes ago,” she said worryingly. “Let me call him and enquire where he is,” Sheila said. They tried to call Michael via his mobile phone was not going through.

            Victoria was impatient. They had decided to call Michael three times, but his phone was not going through. Adam, who was Michael’s best man, was also unavailable. His phone was also switched off. This occurrence was a bad omen. The thought that Michael could have stood her up on their wedding day made Victoria cry uncontrollably. Sheila tried to calm her down all in vain. She promised to be there for her through thick and thin. Her parents were pacing up and down the room in disbelieve. They did not understand why such misfortunes had to bedevil them on such a day. Three hours had elapsed, and there was no information on what had happened to Michael. Victoria was remorseful. She requested her parents to call off the wedding as she drowned herself in tears.

Just as her mother was going to call off the wedding and apologize to the guest, they heard a phone call from Victoria’s phone. Without splitting hairs, Sheila swiftly picked the phone to respond to the phone call. The caller said that she was a nurse and was calling from Baptist Hospital of Miami. Michael and Adam were involved in an unfortunate road accident and were injured. They had been rushed to the hospital and were receiving treatment. Sheila stood rooted to the ground not knowing how to break the bad news. In a shrilled voice, she said, “That was Baptist Hospital of Miami, they stated that Michael and Adam are in the hospital after being involved in an unfortunate accident.” Victoria was perplexed. In a jiffy, Sheila, Victoria, and her parents dashed out of the house and drove off to the hospital to see Michael and Adam.

On arrival at the hospital, they were directed to Michael and Adam’s hospital ward. Victoria gave Adam a warm embrace with her hands wide open. She felt so sorry for doubting her fiancé and for thinking that he had stood her up at their wedding. “I am so sorry, my love,” she said as she broke down into tears.

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Adam reassured her that all would be well, and their wedding would still happen. Michael and Adam had survived the accident and had sustained a few injuries. The doctors assured them that they would discharge Adam and Michael after a few hours. As they waited for Adam and Michael to be released, Victoria told Sheila and her mom that the event that had occurred that day served as a lesson to her that is wrong to jump to conclusions.






English 101 – Research Proposal Custom Paper

Project Proposal


The research aims at exploring the artistic work of Bob Marley and the enormous influence on the subject area of cultural identity as discussed in class. Being one of the greatest musical legend in the entire universe, the works of Marley had a great significance in the culture of various individuals in the world especially in Jamaica. He made significant contributions towards the spread of ‘Rastafari” via his music. The research will seek to analyze the impact Bob Marley’s songs had to the growth of ‘Rastafari” as a religion and a way of life or culture.

The reason for the choice of Bob Marley as subject of Research

The research is inclined to analyze Bob Marley due to numerous reasons. To begin with, Bob Marley still has an uncanny presence in the society today, and his personality has become immortal. These facts suggest that he is a relevant character in the lives of many in the modern day society. In addition to that, ‘Rastafari’ culture which he developed had a great impact on Jamaican culture and is very present among many Jamaicans till today. “Rastafari’ culture influences the way of life of many people, not only in Jamaica but also in various countries worldwide. The ways of life advocated for in the Rastafari culture are still in practice today. For example, the Rastafari dressing style, dreadlocks and their importance in the culture, use of

‘Ganja’ among others. Since some people still practice the culture of Rastafari, it will be easier for the research to acquire accurate and reliable information.

Decision criteria for the choice of Bob Marley

Bob Marley work in music had immense importance in the spread of Rastafari culture across the world and Jamaica. Nonetheless, the culture has remained relevant to the people of Jamaica in the modern times, years after the death of Bob Marley. For instance, the antagonism that exists between the ‘Rastas’ and Non-rastas’ in Jamaica is an area of interest of the research. Because some people still identify with the Rastafarian culture all over the world; this justifies the interest in Bob Marley as the individual the research aims to study.

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Works Cited

Cusack, Carole M and Alex Norman. Handbook of new religions and cultural production. Leiden [etc.]: Brill, 2012.

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Edmonds, Ennis Barrington and Oxford University Press. Rastafari: from outcasts to culture bearers. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003.

The Role of Women in Chinese Culture Argumentative essay

The Role of Women in Chinese Culture

Most traditions in the world have always maintained minuscule and degraded status for the woman. Women’s inferiority and men’s superiority has always been prevalent in most traditions and is particularly deeply rooted in the Chinese culture. Evidently, China has always been a patriarchal society suggesting that the significance of women was and is very dismal in the society. The interpretation of the role of women in Chinese culture was always oppressive to the women in many ways. For instance, it denied a woman the right to education. Since imperial China, the woman assumed a relatively subordinate position to the men, was inferior, and her role in the Chinese culture had quite a dismal significance.

The traditional patriarchal culture influenced the oppression of the woman since her birth. Evidently, the birth of a boy was preferred and acknowledged more than the birth of a female. In China, from birth, it was evident from their naming that a woman was inferior to her brothers and other males. The names such as ‘Little Mistake’ given to girls illustrated their desire to have a male child. A birth of a boy was called ‘Big Happiness” while the birth of a girl was ‘Little Happiness.'(Ryan). The notion of women’s inferiority was breed from the tender years of an individual’s lifetime and thus became prevalent in the society even at old ages. This practice changed in the years of high economic reforms and girls were given names that expressed splendor and veneration.

Women in tradition China were not entitled to the right to education. Education in most ancient societies such as China was male oriented. The organization saw no need or importance in educating women. As such, women could not take up significant roles such as positions in government services. Women only received training on family roles and responsibilities. Some families were regarded as custodians of conventional education and had to ensure perpetual transmission of classical education. However, where a male was not available, the woman was not allowed instead. Thus, education for females was strongly abetted by the centrality of the family and requirements of family life. (Bary, Bloom and Chan).

The ancient oppression of women and denial of the right to education has affected their involvement in teaching and school leadership in modern times. Since the traditional society did not take the severe education of the female, today, men are still preferred in school leadership positions as compared to women. Women character images don’t quite coincide with the competence required for administrators, and so women are not thought to be as adaptable as men are to leading roles at school and university levels. (Sobehart, Administration. and University.)

Ironically, the women in Chinese tradition were considered to play a fundamental role in the education of the young, yet it did not find it important to educate the women. Mothers were required to master classical text and primers. They were expected to teach these to the young males before they went to school. This role was a maternal responsibility. Women bear the physical abilities of childbearing and breastfeeding, which extends culturally such that women’s primary role is to shoulder all domestic work by the traditional division of gender labor. (Sobehart, Administration. and University.)

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The Confucian model advocated that women ought to be subservient, passive and yielding. The standard stipulated that a woman’s role was to submit to the man. The male gender was supposed to be the most dominant as per the Chinese culture. Male dominance was a key element in the social system of ancient China. (Willian J. Duiker) The woman’s role was subordinate and restricted to family issues. Women were supposed to raise the children and fulfill their home duties. This fact meant that women were not allowed to take up any formal positions of authority.

During ancient times, women apparently did not usually occupy official positions of power, but they often became a force in politics, especially at court, where wives of the ruler or other female members of the royal family were often dominant in palace intrigues.However, people frowned on such activities. (Willian J. Duiker)

The ‘Admonition for women’ by Ban Zhao portrays a woman as an inferior being who is supposed to be selfless and not care about herself. She stresses that a woman should put others first and not herself. Zhao goes further to explain that a woman is not entitled to expect respect from other people. She writes that a woman always is in fear, always trembling. As such a woman will have shown humility to others. The words of Ban Zhao suggest that a lady ought not to get respect from others, that she is not entitled to feel sad or complain when others talk evil about that. She evidently signifies that a woman is an inferior being who does not deserve humility from others.

In marriage, the position of women was subordinate. In ancient China, the woman was subservient to the husband. It is important to notes that the parents made the decision of marriage for their daughters. Parents would make marriage arrangements for their daughters without their consent.   The wife had an obligation to serve her husband, and failure to do so would neglect the right principles. Zhao stresses on the corresponding and mutual responsibility that exist between a woman and a man.

The women in ancient Chinese culture did not have an upper hand in any case whatsoever. This statement is because the teachings of the Confucian principles illustrate that a man had the power to beat a woman if he runs out of rage. The woman was neither given space to justify herself nor was she allowed to defend herself when being battered by a man.

The Chinese beliefs put a lot of prominence on the concept of virginity before marriage. In addition to that, the culture advocated for fidelity in marriage for women. As such, it was the role of a woman to remain pure and keep herself undefiled. The woman was expected to demonstrate chastity and preserve her honor. This practice was supposed to help a woman establish herself as a person although treated as less of a person. The Chinese culture located women with the family and gave them the roles of mothers and wives with an aim of controlling their sexuality. Despite the government encouragement for women in Indonesia to participate in economic activities, the Chinese still relate women’s role in society to motherhood which seems sacred. (Ryan)

Apparently the role of women in the ancient China has influenced the position of women in the modern world. The issue of gender role socialization is standard in China, especially for the ladies. The role of the woman in the Chinese culture was within the family, and it also affected the roles she has taken on the family over the years. Since the traditional Chinese culture held it that women’s roles were supposed to be domestic, as a mother or housekeeper, women choose careers that befit this stereotype. Gender role socialization further reinforces the sexual division of labor, with the family as women’s primary role obligation, even when both spouses are working outside the home(Granrose). Regardless of whether a woman is working or not, her primary function as a woman has to be fulfilled.

            In addition to that, the interpretation of the role of women as per the principles of ancient China has limited the job opportunities available for women. The argument behind this assertion is that girls continue to limit the opportunities available for them by taking up careers that they believe fit their stereotype of what being a woman is. Consequently, their male counterparts take up career paths without any restriction resulting to high salary discrepancy between women and men. When women socialize into jobs consistent with traditional gender roles corresponding to their primary responsibility of home management and child care, these jobs are feminized and as a result, women segregate in low-paid, dull, monotonous, and routine jobs.(Granrose)

Research shows that although male-to-female average income ratios have upgraded over the years, there still exist a disparity in the incomes earned by both men and women. This occurrence is because women take up most of the low-rank job positions while men take higher rank job positions that pay high wages. For example within the category of legislators, government administrators, business executives and managers, the females on average earned a monthly income of NT$58595 in 2000 whereas their male counterparts made NT$70980 per month(Granrose). Therefore, the pay gap remains significant. Research reveals that women continue to receive 65 percent of what men earned in China regardless their relative advances in education.

Domestic abuses remain a huge problem in China even in modern times. The practice can be traced back to the inferiority of the female gender from time immemorial. Domestic violence, marital rape, and beatings continue to be a problem in China, yet legislation to curb such heinous acts have been dismal. The belief that if a husband does not beat up the wife she will run out of control has influenced the culture of violence in homes in China. Nevertheless, the suppression of the women in modern times can be attributed to the inferior position of the woman in antiquity.

As much as the women seemed to be inferior beings, they can excel professionally. Evidently, women such as Ban Zhao prove beyond any reasonable doubt that women can excel professionally. Since the years of revolution in China, women have continued to acquire education and are proving to be professionally as capable as men. Currently, China’s female employment rate is one of the highest with 73% of the working-age women employed. Nevertheless, half the university graduates in China are girls. This fact illustrates that given the opportunity and education, women are not lesser beings than men. On the contrary, they can take same career paths as men and do as equally well.

Ban Zhao, being the first female Chinese historian made significant contributions to the role and position of women in China today. She was one of the best Chinese scholars. Hence, she portrayed that it was important to educate women, something that greatly ignored in traditional China. Zhao is the epitome of women’s success in the professional world, therefore, dispels the fact that only men can excel in such careers. Therefore, it is true to say that the position of women in China today can be traced back to Ban Zhao. Nevertheless, her book ‘Lessons for women’ advised women on the need for fulfilling their high purpose of maintaining the harmony in their families.

It is imperative to note that unlike in the past, the role of a woman in China is not only confined to the family alone. Women in modern day China take positions that would be considered manly and do them with the same vigor and excellence as men. However, the role of the women as interpreted in the traditional Chinese culture is deeply still entrenched in the society today. Women in career position always feel the need to fulfill their family duties. The desire to balance between family obligations and job responsibilities is one of the challenges women in China have to battle with in their daily lives.

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Works Cited

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Chinese Culture – Argumentative essay

Chinese Culture

My topic is # 5 in the “Paper Topics” PDF attachment: (you can slao find the format requirements in this PDF attachment)

5. The role of women in Chinese culture: consider women’s educational texts (see nexus folder
and textbook pages 819-839, and other texts of your choosing) to explain roles for women in
traditional Chinese culture. Women are generally thought of as being oppressed within
traditional patriarchal cultures. What evidence can you find to support and contradict this idea?


I need 6 pages research page draft.

I attached my proposal&outline with my professor’s comments. You can start work on my paper based proposal,outline, and comments.

Analysis of examples should be strongly and deeply.

All requirements for the paper are in the attachments. Please take a look carefully.

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The other PDF file I attached are the article “Women’s Education” you need read as a primary source.

Please feel free to find to more sources to support the content and don’t forget to cite them in the Refrence list.


  1. Role of women in traditional Chinese culture
    • Women education in traditional China
    • Confucian teachings on women’s behavior
    • Admonitions to women
    • Duty of men towards the women
    • Early indications of women submission to the men
    • Contrast between the traditional men and modern men
    • Embracing education for women in China



Many traditional cultures get viewed as being oppressive in different aspects towards women, for instance, lack of equal education opportunities to the male counterparts. Women in traditional cultures have always got viewed as only being capable of handling simple house chores and raising children, and this is an obvious case even in the Chinese culture.

The book titled, the source of Chinese traditions, begins by highlighting that traditionally in China, the privilege to acquire an education was only accorded to the men and women were left to handle household issues. However, the assertion that women were not allowed to access an education in traditional China is opposed by the tributes paid by some of the great male scholars in China.

The position of women in Chinese society

Before male children attained the school going age, the women under whose care they were left had to teach them some basic concepts and these scholars attribute their academic achievements to these basic lessons. It indicates that women were not all that uninformed even in traditional China.

In traditional China, individual families were regarded as being the custodians of conventional education. Surprisingly, where one of these families lacked a male to carry on this tradition, no woman would be allowed to do it instead. This aspect further evidences the extremity with which education for women got curtailed in traditional China even at the family level. Educating the women was found to be essential during the onset of musical arts and neo-Confucian, and it got further boosted by an increase print materials and growing literacy among the women.

The Confucian model supported education for the women in the sense that it presented a doctrine of new culture hence new practices. However, it is interesting to note that Confucian taught women to be submissive to the men by upholding the fact that men are mean to be dominant and forceful and that women hold a less inferior position than the men. Confucian doctrine further acknowledged that a woman’s role should be within the confines of the family alone. Female authors such as Ban Zhao published texts in support of the Confucian teachings urging the women to uphold the wifely way as defined by Confucians texts.

The inferiority of women in ancient China was depicted immediately after the birth of a girl child. In her book, Admonitions for women, Zhao states that a girl child had to be placed on the bed for three days after birth to signify that the girl’s role was majorly submission to others. A spindle was the child’s playing toy, and it was used to indicate that the child should train herself to toil and be industrious. The child’s birth was made known to the ancestors through sacrifices, and this was to signify that the child ought to carry on these traditions as well. These traditions emphasized that women were supposed to be selfless in all aspects.

Traditional culture in China taught that naturally order required women to serve the men but also taught that men should respect and take care of the women without compromising their authority over the women. These were considered to be the appropriate principles of life. Zhao further indicated that a woman ought to restrain herself always from showing contempt towards her husband otherwise this would consequently cause the man to shout at her.

Further, she stated that if a man’s rage spun out of control, he would end up beating his wife. This scenario indicates that the woman did not have an upper hand in any case. A Chinese woman’s greatest challenge is elemental in nature in that, survival through the proper cycle of life. The birth of baby girl comes with the infanticide threat. Many similar cultures idolize sons while the birth of a daughter gets dreaded in China such as India.

Even in this age and time, women in China get discriminated in the type of jobs they apply and even get lower salaries as compared to their male counterparts. Some of the careers women choose are also products of brain-washing from discrimination from women in an older and different generation who insist that women cannot take some jobs. For example, being a doctor would be despised because it does not give a Chinese woman enough exposure for a man.

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In the past, chances for Chinese women were narrow with women being limited to the family life alone. However, women have proven themselves capable of fashioning lives that bring satisfaction to themselves and the community despite the insinuation cultural discrimination.



De, Bary W. T, Irene Bloom, Wing-tsit Chan, Joseph Adler, and Richard J. Lufrano. Sources of Chinese Tradition. , 1999. Internet resource.

De, Bary W. T, Wing-tsit Chan, and Richard J. Lufrano. Sources of Chinese Tradition, Volume Ii: From 1600 Through the Twentieth Century. New York: Columbia University Press, 2000. Internet resource.


Hospitality Custom Paper – “the Problem of Gambling Addictions”

Reconciling the Problem of Gambling Addictions and the fact that Gaming Entertainment Business Provides Gambling Services for Profit

Various debates whether physical or online have argued the issue of gambling and whether the problems associated with the gaming activity outweigh the economic benefits associated with gambling. As such, the question of whether gambling should be legalized or illegalized is often answered with mixed reactions. This fact is because as much as gambling may be a drug-like activity that may be very addictive, it leads to very significant economic growth rates. Studies have shown that most be people who gamble do it for fun or as a recreational activity therefore only a small percentage get addicted. However, the small proportion of individuals who get addicted is still significant and cannot be ignored. Nonetheless, the problems that emanate from gambling are reconcilable with the various benefits that result from gambling.

A gambler may suffer an impulse-control disorder that emanates from compulsive gambling. Compulsive gambling refers to a gambling addiction, where the gambler has no control of their gambling behavior. Impulsive control disorder, therefore, means that the gambler loses the ability to control the impulse to gamble. A gambler suffering from impulse- control disorder tends to gamble regardless of anything. Nothing may stop their desire to gamble, whether they are happy or depressed, broke or flush. This condition may be very detrimental to the life of the gambler and the life of their loved ones.

            Problem gambling may seriously affect and disrupt the lives of the gamblers. Problem gambling refers to whatever gambling tendency that disrupts one’s life. Gambling may result to health complications especially mental health complications such as depression and anti-social personality disorders. In addition to that, studies reveal that two out of three gambling addicts will engage in illegal acts to pay for their gambling debt. It ruins the relationships of the gambler and his or her close family or friend. Moreover, gambling may cause financial wreckage.Gamblers tend to go to extreme measures to get money to gamble.

However, as much as gambling may result to addictive tendencies, gambling results too much profit and hence influence much economic development. Revenues collected by governments from gambling activities are used to support public services. A good example would be the growth in Las Vegas. Research shows that gambling has enabled Las Vegas to have the fastest growing economy in the nation. The establishment of Casinos influences money to be spent on development of infrastructure which leads to many economic benefits. Nevertheless, gambling fosters the growth of tourism. Gambling is associated more with tourist more than the locals of a place.The purpose for this is because it is a recreational activity that appeals more to tourists. In the long run, this benefit helps to curb problems such as poverty. A good example of casinos that have contributed to alleviating poverty and social problems are Atlantic City and New Jersey.

Gambling creates very many job opportunities. The jobs that result from gambling are not only casino jobs but also, more jobs develop in the hotel and tourism industries. Research shows that 60% of employment in Las Vegas result from gambling.  As such, gambling can lead to the growth in the gross domestic product of a country and, therefore, cause a rise in the economy of a country. As much as gambling creates societal problems, unemployment and poverty create more societal problems than gambling. However, such problems related to poverty and unemployment could be curbed by gambling. Nonetheless, the growth of gambling in the gaming industry will necessitate the growth of other industries such as hotel, food and tourism thus influencing the creation of employment.

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In conclusion, it is evident that the benefits that result from gambling override the problems that stem from the gaming activity. Issues of addiction to gambling are very dismal since most gamblers do it for fun and as part of their recreation activity. Hence, legalization of the activity in places where it is illegal could lead to diverse economic and social developments.

Shopping Experience Custom Paper.

Shopping Experience.

Purchasing a new computer can be difficult and very stressful because most technology stores are often busy. Thus, customer attendance is not able to show a client the best personal computer one can get and its most flattering aspects. As such most people end up with computers or laptops that they do not like or do not have the qualities they might have desired. After my old laptop had become outdated, buying my Macbook from an apple shop was the best shopping experience I have ever had. This statement is because Apple stores had the best customer care I had ever experienced in my many years of shopping.

When I entered the Apple store in the mall, the store was full of ambience, bright and quite busy. I identified the employees with much ease due to their good looking blue Apple attire. They were also all over demonstrating their merchandise to customers, helping them to make a purchase. There are no check-out lines and employees are quite fast to respond. The salesperson attended to me in a very buyer responsive manner that was pleasant and enabled the purchase to take the shortest time possible. Within a few minutes, I already had in hand my Macbook.

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The salesperson portrayed quite amazing qualities that made the purchase very worthwhile. To begin with, he was very fast to approach me as soon as I entered the store. He took the time to understand my particular needs and the various features that I required my laptop to have. In addition to these, his selling model was in a buyer responsive manner and ensured that I bought the particular commodity that I wanted. In addition to these, he communicated so concisely and in a very succinctly manner. The salesperson tried to personalize their interaction with me and thus ensured that out of the various merchandise available; I got one that met my specification.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend other shoppers to buy their laptops, phones, and other merchandise from Apple stores. Their customer service is exemplary, one that puts the interest of the client first. More so, the salesperson was quite skilled and committed to giving the customer a worthwhile experience. It was an experience I would want to experience again.

English Custom Essay : Autobiography “Racism and Gender Equality”

Racism and Gender Equality

Racism and gender equality has been in practice since the civilization of the human kind. However, the increase in the cases of racism and gender equality has been increasing as people become more aware of what racism and gender equality is. Additionally, racism and gender inequality incubates inhuman conditions that undermine humanity. As a result, a generation of few fearless persons came up who were not only victims of racism or gender equality but also vehemently fought for the rights of victims of gender inequality or racism. Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin and Martin Luther King Jr were on the front line to dispel the acts of racism and gender inequality. The preceding chapters will highlight the racial and gender assumptions that Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin and Martin Luther King Jr were dispelling, evaluation of how successful they were and highlight what can be done to eradicate stereotypes.

Zora Neale Hurston

To dispel the gender assumptions that promote gender inequality, Zora Neale Hurston used novels and short stories. Zero Neale Hurston was born in Alabama, 7th January 1891 to parents who were black American slaves. Zora Neale won a scholarship to Barnard College, where she used the chance to collect African-American tales, where she would later publish a collection of these tales. In her studies, Zora Neale got an exposure of gender inequality that the women were experiencing only because of the assumptions the society had.

Basing on her short stories and novels that Zora Neale wrote the major cause of assumptions that caused gender inequality was the male dominance in the society and patriarchy.  The male dominance being an assumption that a group of males has power over females and patriarchy being a social system where the male hold power, were the catalyst of gender inequality.

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But before that week was over he had whipped Janie. Not because her behavior justified his jealousy, but it relieved that awful fear inside him. Being able to whip her reassured him in possession. No brutal beating at all. He just slapped her around a bit to show he was the boss, (Hurston 140).

In Zora Neala short story “ Sweat”, Zora Neala uses the character Delia who is the protagonist constantly underwent mistreatment from her husband, the community did nothing to assist her only because she was a woman and the society was male dominated.

Additionally, by publishing stories her stories, Zora Neale revealed disturbing situations for women about mistreatment in the 1930s. In the novel, Their Eyes were Watching God; Zora Neale uses, and excerpt called “Hurricane” tells the occurrence in the book of using a woman voice. The book highlights the character Joe who attempts to put Jane in her right place as a submissive and silent wife. Zora Neale dispels the assumption that the right place for a woman is submissive and silent. Likewise, still in the same book, Zora Neale juxtaposes a couple – Janie and Teacake, as typical positive characters that despite their gender leave happily without undermining one another.

Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr was born on 19th of January 1929 and became a Baptist Church Minister. As a result, he took the opportunity to advocate for the civil rights of the black people who were undergoing discrimination by using non-violent or civil disobedience. Martin Luther King dispelled the assumptions that were made referring the black people as inferior, less intelligent, who do not deserve equal treatment in comparison to other races as the key factors in promoting racism.

Martin Luther King Jr uses his dreams to advocate for the equity of all people irrespective of the race. Through sharing of his dreams, many people got aware of what racism is and the effects of racism. On 28th August 1963, Martin Luther King Jr gave a speech in Lincoln Memorial Washington. His speech majored on the dream of a country he has that did not have racism. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, (American Rhetoric ).

Through his speeches, Martin Luther King Jr dispelled that educating a man is the key thing to fight racism. Indeed, the man needs to be enabled to fight for his freedom. Furthermore, Martin Luther King advocates that United States to live up to the promises made in the Declaration of Independence.

Martin Luther King Jr dispelled the assumption that segregation of schools for the black race children promotes education which empowers the black people. Ironically, he advocates for the same school system, same transport system for all people.

James Baldwin


            James Baldwin uses novels, essays, poem and plays to dispel the assumption that promotes racism. James Baldwin was born in 2nd of August 1924. He wrote essays which were collected his essays in a book called “Notes of a Native Son.” Also, he wrote essays such as “The Fire Next Time” and the “No Name in The Street.” Thus,  Baldwin deploys situations that involve love to disclose the difficulties that prevent individuals and groups from creating new social relationships without – or at least with less – racism, sexism, and homophobia, (Elam 181).On the contrary, James Baldwin did not only advocate for the rights of the black people but also advocates for the equality of gay and bisexual men which Martin and Zora Neale did not advocate.

James Baldwin dispels that black people are not equal to any other race. As a result, he advocates for social equity, and even he hopes that one day America will be rooted in social Justice.

James Baldwin dispels the assumption that gays and bisexuals are suffering from abnormal conditions. Correspondingly, James Baldwin articles show fervor and forthrightness towards gays and bisexuals.

Achievements of James Baldwin, Martin Luther King and Zora Neale

Zora Neale achieved a lot by documenting the tales she collected on gender inequality when she was collecting the African-American folklore. Even though, she did not live to see the gender equity and died struggling financially in a home for the old, her works are still relevant up to date and still enlightens the reader with gender equity.

Martin Luther King Jr achievements were quite many and could be directly associated with his works. The 1963March on Washington which had over two hundred thousand participants, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Birmingham campaign and finally Martin Luther King Jr got a Nobel Peace prize. Martin Luther King Junior speeches are motivating upcoming leaders who value equality like the President of United States Barrack Obama. Today, racism is not a major problem in the United States of America.

James Baldwin plays, and written essays were a source of motivation for the people who fought for race equality. Additionally, his articles that were lenient to gays and bisexuals are still relevant today for the fight against discrimination against equity.

What To Do To Eradicate Stereotypes

            In the current world, stereotypes are the people who are the major supporters of gender inequality and racism. By increasing awareness campaigns on equality, the stereotypes will see the need for equality, the effects on inequality and the long-term effects. Furthermore, more people will become aware of their rights on equality of which, will be the first people to fight inequality that the stereotypes are causing, having the ripple effect of eradicating stereotypes.

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Biographical Information and Online Sources: Bon Jovi


Biographical Information and Online Sources: Bon Jovi

The name of the band in question is Bon Jovi. The name of the Band originated from the name of the lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is a United States of America band from Sayreville, New Jersey. This fact justifies the fact that its charity outreach began in New Jersey. Bon Jovi’s charity outreach most likely began, and has continued in their home state of New Jersey.(Olson 116)

            The band has four official members. Each of the official members has different instruments which they play. Jon Bon Jovi, who is the lead singer of the band, does the lead vocals for the band, rhythm guitar as well as the acoustic guitar. David Bryan, who is also a member of the band, plays the keyboard, the piano and does the backing vocals. Tico Torres plays the drums as well as the percussion. The official members were members for the year of its formation in 1983. Margaret confirms this fact in her book when she writes, “….what irrelevant in the light of the fact that a band formed in 1983 was the top touring act in the world in 2008.”(Olson 117)

Bon Jovi is a commercial hard rock band that has 13 studio albums and two live albums. The discography of the band spans for a duration of about 30years. That is enough time for two generations of fans to form a relationship with the band and their musical output.(Olson 68). Their first album ‘Bon Jovi’ was released in 1984 while the second one 7800º Fahrenheit in 1985. The band released their first ever live album in 2001. The most popular period of Bon Jovi must be the release of Cross Roads album whose first single was Bon Jovi’s highest selling single. It was top ten of BillboardHot 100 for six months.

‘It is my life,’ was the band’s most successful song release since it introduced the band to a younger fan base and became a firms’ live favorite. More so, the song earned them two Grammy nominations. One anecdote about the band is that their fourth album was the first rock album released in the pre-Glasnost U.S.S.R. Till today, the band has won 21 awards and has received 67 nominations, and this fact forms the basis for the selection of the band for study.

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