Work Experience in Technical Assistance

Please provide a one paragraph answer to each question:

  1. Describe any experience you have in providing technical assistance or training.
  2. Describe any experience you have in writing guidance, policies, or procedures.
  3. What does customer service mean to you?

Describe any experience you have in providing technical assistance or training.

As a tax technician dealing with court-ordered debt collections and business entity collection in Franchise Tax Board, part of the job was to perform manual worklists utilizing skip tracing techniques to locate or validate information. This involved technical skills in using TLO and IDICORE software to collect debt overdue and accounts receivable. My ability to navigate such software and others was useful in evaluating financial statements and also helped to manage workloads and competing priorities. The use of these software has helped in the recommendation of payment plans to different business owners and the negotiation of their payment. I oversaw the management and supervision of other employees in the absence of the supervisors and managers. This enabled me to provide technical assistance and to train the software to the other staff, which improved my leadership skills and ability to work in and as a team with my colleagues.

Describe any experience you have in writing guidance, policies, or procedures.

During my time at the Franchise Tax Board, I garnered knowledge about the Franchise Tax Board systems such as case management, Taxpayer Information system, Taxpayer folder, Business Entities Tax systems, Accounts Receivable Collections systems, Integrated Nonfiler Compliance, eGateway and Security of State. This knowledge was useful since I had to explain laws, rules, and regulations to taxpayers, business owners, or representatives in either written form or verbally. I had to demonstrate knowledge of policies and procedures administered by the department, which was helpful in skillful negotiations to obtain a voluntary resolution from the taxpayer. Part of my job was also to implement Human Resource policies and procedures to ensure compliance with both the labor and employment laws. While I was a personal banker at Wells Fargo, it was important to maintain a thorough understanding of state and federal policies and regulations. This was useful in taking charge of daily operations and readiness of the yearly audit too.

What does customer service mean to you?

Customer service is ensuring the client is satisfied with the service provided by either exceeding or meeting their expectations. During my time as a customer service associate in Walgreens, I was responsible for handling cash register operations and merchandising tasks to ensure compliance. My proficiency in MS Office (word, excel, and outlook) aided in the accurate and efficient entry of data into a computerized database to safeguard sensitive and confidential information. My ability to be friendly and provide courteous services to the customers yielded 5star ratings on the customer service provided. Customer service is important to manage multiple priorities and complete them within the established time frame for customer satisfaction. I was able to learn how to interact with different types of customers depending on their mood, age, or their intellectual abilities.

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