Assignment Original Opinion Based on Wuthering Heights

Original Opinion Based on Wuthering Heights

Catherine Earnshaw.

Today I came back home to Wuthering Heights after five weeks of staying at the Lintons. It feels like I’m in someone else’s body from all the flattery and beautiful clothes I have received in the past few weeks. My hair is shinier with its brownness accentuated than before when I never paid much attention to cleaning it. At the Linton’s, I was showered with much more love, and attention than Hindley or my father ever gave me. I felt loved. The only other time I have ever felt this way is when I am with Heathcliff. Of course, living with the Lintons is nothing compared to the rush that comes with being with Heathcliff. Edgar was sweet to me, and his sister even more so. 

But with Heathcliff, our escapades together make me forget how my brother does not care about me. We are too much alike in the way we think but sadly not in the way we speak or in our social status. I was delighted to see him today though he was dirtier than usual. I am afraid he has been bashed more since I left. He also seemed alienated from me. Maybe it is because of the way I laughed at his appearance. He must think I don’t like his presence anymore. Somehow this thought causes a heavy feeling in my chest, and I don’t like it. I will find him and apologize tomorrow. I would like for us to continue being friends, but I suspect my brother Hindley won’t let me. Frances has been paying me visits at the Thrushcross Grange, and I think it is on Hindley’s behalf. They want me to be more mannerly and behave like a lady.

I am happy they are more concerned. I wish they didn’t treat Heathcliff like a vagabond though. It still surprises me how Heathcliff became my father’s favorite and how he defended him from all of us. I did not like him in the beginning, but he became my partner in crime and soon, my best friend. I hope to see him again tomorrow and rekindle our familiarity.




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